Mystery Vintage T-Shirt & Flannel Hipster Shirt- Pick Your Size

Mystery Vintage T-Shirt & Flannel Hipster Shirt- Pick Your Size
$ 19.99

You Get 1 Graphic Tee And 1 Flannel Shirt.
If you need help Message Me Anytime
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You Get 1 Graphic Tee And 1 Flannel Shirt!!
Read below for all details,

✞PLEASE READ - Graphic Tee And Flannel Shirt.Remember to leave me notes and I will pick something you love.Order your Awesome Graphic Tee And Flannel today and look totally cool and very trendy!!

✞The pic is example of just the many style combinations you can get. You will receive a awesome vintage Tee & Flannel Shirt.

Style & Matching - We are masters at the 80's and 90's look, we match our flannel and tees to each other in a very trendy look that matches what used to be in style to whats back in style now!! You love it!!

✿HOW TO ORDER? - Please pick your Flannel & Tee Size from the drop down menu and add to cart. Please leave me good notes on colors and fit.

✿Ordering Info,
✿The XS would be for someone 80 to 105 Pounds.
✿The SM would be for someone 106 TO 115 Pounds.
✿ If you Prefer over-sized Vintage Tee & Vintage Flannel please order a size up.

The Hipster Graphic Tee And 1 Flannel Shirt similar to the pic. Each and every Graphic Tee And 1 Flannel Shirt will be Different and unique each and every time.

✞Style - Graphic Tee And Flannel Shirt.

✞Color - LEAVE ME NOTES. Tell me 3 to 5 colors you like or love.

✞Quality - My Promise to you - They will smell good, be washed and in good shape. I do not agree with selling crappy clothes, beaten up items will not be sold by me. Just remember these are vintage/thrift so they Could will have a older look and feel about them.

✞Condition - Vintage - Average or Above. Please note Graphic Tee And Flannel Shirt slightly imperfect due it not being a retail brand new item. It's hard with a Graphic Tee And Flannel Shirt To get Perfection yet we try. You could notice a worn in feeling with a lot of them that makes them very soft.

✞My inspection - Here is a fact I inspect, buy and ship out everything!! My helper is my husband and we do it all together and he is over the top about quality and he is picky just like me.

✞Shipping - Due to high volume on Flannel Shirt & T-Shirt listings it could take 7 to 14 days to ship but I will try and go as fast as I can.

✞Note- if there is a color you hate as a base color please leave me a note on the order so I can avoid that base main color.

✞P.S. LOST ITEMS IN THE MAIL? - Don't worry if tracking shows your order was lost in the mailing shipping process (DIRTYSOUTHVINTAGE.Com TAKES CARE OF YOU) we will ship you out a replacement order ASAP after you message me and let me know.

✞It's safe and easy to shop with us so order today and enjoy all the amazing deals!!

✞RETURNS & EXCHANGES - YES as long as the listing does not say no returns or exchanges then yes we do it. I only have a few sale and overstock items that I do not do returns on and the listing will have that clearly listed. OTHERWISE YES WE DO ☮ .

✞Claim Your Graphic Tee And Flannel Shirt And order now!!! FUN and Exciting!!!

✞ROCK ON, KITTY ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬


This listing was for a Graphic Tee And Vintage Flannel Shirt.

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