Mystery Sweaters, Over-sized, All Hipster Colors & Grunge Patterns.

Mystery Sweaters, Over-sized, All Hipster Colors & Grunge Patterns.
Mystery Sweaters
Mystery Sweaters, Plus Size
Mystery Sweaters, S,M,L,XL.XXL.XXXL
$ 24.95

Mystery Sweaters, Over-sized, All Hipster Colors & Grunge Patterns.

You Get,

1 Random Sweater Per Order! 💖😻

Our Vintage/Vintage inspired Style Sweaters Rock and you will Rock wearing them!! The best styles from the past are back and you going to look awesome wearing them!! Here at DirtySouthVintage, we show you just how good you're going to look! The best thing you can do is trust we have style and will give you a super cool sweater for an Awesome Price!!

Mystery - is a fun and exciting thing for most of our customers! We do our best to pick out something super cool for you! We encourage you to leave us notes. Just hit reply on your order confirm email and will add the notes for you!

Pictures, our great examples and have already been sold, your mystery sweater will be something super cool along with the same styles patterns and color sweaters you see in all the pictures. Notes girls :)

*VINTAGE MEANING in our store,
The 2nd and 3rd time around, Pre-loved, Rehashed, Made New, Cool again! Rock-Star! We believe vintage is a matter of opinion, not dictation.

Brand New, unworn, made to look old, new material past theme, Rock-Star!

Unisex Size - Most of our unisex but not limited to and a customer can make requests. Our team is permitted and does make size choices based on inspection and not always the tag on garment due to vintage items that size is not comparable to the modern size. Also, past use of items could affect the size and alter its future size. We do reserve the right to make the best possible choice for you.

Style, Mystery not limited to solids or patterns.

Quality & Condition -Average or Above Sweater. Due to the nature of vintage items, there could be small wear in your item. We do look for anything not acceptable or passable.

Our inspection - Our Team does Inspect any and all items before the order is completed.

✿Claim Your Mystery Random Sweater And order now!!!

Your order of this type helps people help other people!

✞ROCK ON, KITTY ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬
Because Rock Stars Wear Vintage And Rock Stars Are Cool!

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