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Mystery Sleeping Sweaters: Over-sized Comfy! Order Now! Many Colors & Sizes

$ 29.99

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💕 Mystery Sweater Over-sized Sleeping Sweater Extra Large and Extra Long Warm and Cuddly Lazy Sweaters.


-Mystery: $29.99

-Love Patterns: $39.99

-Love Solids: 49.99

~Sweaters are Vintage & Vintage Inspired.

*Vintage items are not brand new items*

*Vintage Inspired is a new item with a older look and style/vibe.

⚤ These are only 1 SIZE and that's SUPER BIG SLEEPING Size just like the PIC!

☕Best use would be for sleeping and spending a cozy cold rainy day inside being a bum☕

💕Nightgowns are out!!! Sleeping Sweaters are in!! So Much Cuter!
⚤Sleeping sweaters are perfect wear year round and super cute!

☕To Order,
⚤Go to the drop down menu now and make your choices.


💕 Very lazy Sweaters And Very large!! 💕

✯We have a Awesome selection of sweaters!!

✯Feel free to leave us notes!!
✯Over-sized Vintage Sleeping XL Super Large Sweaters.

💕You will love your MYSTERY sleeping sweater.💕

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