Mystery Hipster Grunge Outfit: High Waisted Shorts & Flannel Shirt & Tee- All Sizes

Mystery Hipster Grunge Outfit: High Waisted Shorts & Flannel Shirt & Tee- All Sizes
$ 29.99

Mystery Hipster Grunge Outfit: High Waisted Shorts & Flannel Shirt & Tee- All Sizes

✞Sale - FLANNEL Shirt & Tee, High Waisted Denim Shorts.

✞You get one Awesome Outfit!!!!

✿I personally Make each and every Pair of Vintage High Waisted shorts.
*Shorts are Frayed and Distressed. Similar to the picture.
✿Vintage flannel & Tee is from my Vintage Stock.
✿Model has tied her flannel up in front for a very cute look.
✿If you prefer a over-sized flannel fit order up and let me know.

💖We have a large selection of awesome vintage Hipster outfits available. Please leave us good notes on what colors or styles you would like. Pic is great example and you will be sent a very similar Vintage Hipster outfit handpicked just for you.

✿HOW TO ORDER? - Please pick your waist Size and leave me notes on your hip size and what size flannel you would prefer!

✞QUALITY is important to my shop and I send out what I feel is great Vintage Quality!


✿Picks are great examples of what you, please remember each and every order of Vintage Hipster outfit have there own identity and I have to make the shorts by hand none are exactly the same. If you leave me notes I read them and do my best to come as close to what you want as possible.

✿High Waisted Shorts Details,

✿These shorts are High Waisted Vintage up-cycled Jean Cut Off Shorts. I hand make them just for you! I take a pair of Vintage Jeans and make them into Super Cool Cut Off Jean Shorts, There SEXY stylish and So COOL!!

✿How Does High Waisted shorts fit?,
They will come close to your belly button or a bit higher!! It's the 80's and 90's Baby !! Vintage Brands will slightly Vary in fit.

✞Like so totality ROCK STAR BABY!!

✿Made To Order,
💜 I make them just for you, so you can pick your Preferred Color Light Wash Or Dark Wash Shorts.

✿Shipping Time,
Once you place your shorts order before I ship, I will have to by hand make them so I will need extra time to ship them to you.

✿Care for High Waisted Denim Shorts ,
💜Love Them , Wash in Cold Water And Rock them!!

✿I need to know your Waist Size?
Measure at the lowest start of your belly button.
✿I need to know your Hip Size?
Right around the widest part of your hips.


✿Remember these shorts are high waisted up-cycled Jean Cut Off Shorts from the 80's and 90's so they will fit different then what you are used to buying at regular retail stores and sizing is different.
✿Brands will Vary and fits will vary yet look super cool and sexy for all Seasons!

✞After you place YOUR order,
I will message you for Questions and Answers, Please look for my message.

✿SHIPPING - Remember it saves you money to buy more then 1 at a time. Shipping is not as cheap as it used to be so you have to get creative on how to save money. Buying 4 items in one month at diff times costs you more then buying all 4 items at one time.

✿SAVING MONEY - Saving money is important so learn ways to save money with everything you do like shopping vintage! Vintage Shopping helps you save money and helps others along the way. When a seller buys from Vintage shops to supply your orders most of those shops help others with that money so its a win Win! Be a winner and stay Vintage all the way!! Vintage Helps the World!

✿RETURNS & EXCHANGES - ✞Dirty✞South✞Vintage does do returns or exchanges if you are not happy with your order of Vintage Hipster Outfit , we understand this happens when shopping online.

✿Shipping Time - Due to popularity of the shop it can take up to 10 to 20  business days due to volume of orders. Totality worth the wait!! We love ya!!

✿LOST IN THE MAIL- If my tracking does not show your Vintage Hipster Outfit was left at your home and you tell me your order never came don't worry I will send out a new Vintage Hipster Outfit ASAP :) Rock on!

✞Dirty✞South✞Vintage takes full responsibility for your orders! Shop with us and never worry about lost orders OR LOST MONEY!


✿Thank You And Happy Vintage Shopping!

✞ROCK ON, KITTY ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬

Your Vintage Hipster outfit is going to look great on you!!

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