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ANY Cool Graphic Mystery Tee T-SHIRT - Pick Your Size & Likes

$ 14.99

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💜ANY Cool Graphic Mystery Tee T-SHIRT - Pick Your Size & Likes

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❤So you ask what is ANY T-SHIRT?
Any Cool Tee is a shirt is picked just for you by us using the choices you make in the drop down menu to pick you out something super cool!!

You get 1 Shirt Per Order!

The any cool tee is perfect if you love a good mystery!


❤These Are VINTAGE / ANY T-SHIRTS / 70'S 80'S & 90'S and today TEE SHIRTS.

❤ Vintage Any Tees are Super Soft And So Awesome!

❤Style - Mystery ANY Tee Shirt .

❤Colors - Random, Due to Any T-shirt its totality random.
Could be solid, pattern, or Graphic.

❤The pic is good example, We have a large Variety!

✿Dirty✞South✞Vintage takes all your notes, likes and dislikes into consideration when picking out just the right Vintage ANY Tee for you!

❤Quality - ANY T will be in good condition for its type of use.

❤Condition - Average .

❤My inspection - Good Vintage Quality or above.

✿SHIPPING - Remember it saves you money to buy more then 1 at a time. Shipping is not as cheap as it used to be so you have to get creative on how to save money. Buying 4 items in one month at diff times costs you more then buying all 4 items at one time.

✿SAVING MONEY - Saving money is important so learn ways to save money with everything you do like shopping vintage! Vintage Shopping helps you save money and helps others along the way. When a seller buys from Vintage shops to supply your orders most of those shops help others with that money so its a win win! Be a winner and stay Vintage all the way!! Vintage Helps the World!

✿RETURNS & EXCHANGES - ✞Dirty✞South✞Vintage does do returns or exchanges if you are not happy with your order of Vintage ANY Tee Shirts, we understand this happens when shopping online.

✿LOST IN THE MAIL- If my tracking does not show your ANY Vintage Tee Shirts was left at your home and you tell me your order never came don't worry I will send out a new Mystery Vintage ANY Tee Shirt ASAP :) Rock on!

✞Dirty✞South✞Vintage takes full responsibility for your orders! Shop with us and never worry about lost orders OR LOST MONEY!

❤Claim Your Surprise Mystery ANY Tee Shirts And order now!!! FUN and Exciting!!!

✞ROCK ON, KITTY ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬
Because Rock Stars Wear Vintage And Rock Stars Are Cool!

׺°”˜`”°º×Kitty ׺°”˜`”°º×

County Girls Make You look COOL!!

׺°”˜`”°º×Kitty ׺°”˜`”°º×


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