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The Legend of DSV,

The Story Of DSV Dirty South Vintage

Once upon a time there was a girl, in a land not so far away. She was stuck doing the same thing day after day, with little or no reward for her efforts. She was living in a garage apt with not much to show for herself. The girl felt something was missing in her life, and most people did not understand who she was. She found herself doing a lot of day dreaming, thinking about a fairly tail life she could see herself living. One where people looked up to her and saw who she really was.

The girl was longing to explore her creative side for music and clothing. She looked at what many other people and friends would wear and found it simple, lacking that extra something. She felt her style would improve their look, if they explored and follow her.

The girl wanted a way to help lead others and show them what her ideas and styles could do for them. She knew this could be a difficult task and that some would never be open to her ideas. Yet, she was excited to find the ones who would be open to seeing fashion through her eyes and how fun it should really be.

The Girls mission was to show people how well certain fashions could blend together to make one super funky rock star look. The Girl loved the relationship between fashion and music. She believed they both influence and inspire each other. The girl knew, fashion is not a one size fits all and that there are many ways to wear the same thing differently.

The girl was out to prove it was not about being a real Rockstar by profession but embodying the rock star mindset in yourself.  She wanted to help others fall back in love with music and fashion as one perfect fit. This Girl wanted to break away from the stigma of conformity and just enjoy her creative fashion sides once more, as so many did back in 1985.

The period in time where the music was rebellious in that passionate individualism kind of way. The classic themes of boy meets girl, taking risks, breaking the rules, falling in love to heart break, forever young, escaping the norm, and self-expression. The styles were driven by the music and the music were driven by the styles.

The girl believed herself to be a rebel of fashion and that she was unlike anyone else.

This was how this company started, 1 girl with 1 dream. She would use her rebel-estic attitude to empower others and lead them back to the cooler sides of fashion.

We welcome you to a ride back into 1985 inspired fashions with Dirty South Vintage as we Re-make, Re-grow, Re-create and make New again the looks that will rock you for ages!

Let Music be our guide and YOU be our reason!

Rebels in Fashion, because what it once was, is what it should be.


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