Refer A Friend - Free Clothes & $Commissions$!

DSV Dirty South Vintage Refer a Friend Fashion Program.


Refer A Friend, (Make $ Bucks!)

Step #1. Join The Rewards program.
-Make an account and log in.
Step #2. Open the rewards panel widget.
-It says free clothes in pretty pink color.
Step #3. Scroll down under rewards to Referrals.
-Share with friends to earn rewards.

Question: How to share with your friends?
Answer: Simple you will have your very own code to copy and paste and send to your friends (Anytime you want!). You should also post this link anywhere your friends or there friends can use the code so you can get more credits and sales.

Question: How do I make Money?
Answer: When a customer comes from your link and makes an order with us, you then make money!

Question: Do they have to spend money for me to make my referral money?
Answer: YES! That's why you want to send and spread your referral link all over the place.

Question: How much do I make?
Answer: That's up to you. You will earn $5.00 DirtyBucks for each and every friend that makes a purchase.

Example of each friend purchase.
1 friend = $5.00
5 friends = $25.00
10 friends = $50.00
50 friends = $250.00

NOTE: after your first 50 friends sale you will be allowed to get Commissions Checks (Your Choice).

Question: So that means I earn my way up to getting real commissions checks not just free clothes?

Answer: YES! That's exactly correct, your commitment to this program really pays off!

Question: What does my friend or friends get?

Answer: 20% off code to apply to the purchase.

Question: How do I watch my stats?
Answer: Just log in and watch every day.

Question: How do I use my DirtyBucks?
Easy you can cash the money in on the site and get yourself anything you want! WOW think of all the free clothes!

Question: What if I want to take this real serious and cash some or all my DirtyBucks out and receive a commission check from DirtySouthVintage?

Answer: Once you have hit 50 friends (that made orders) you will be allowed to request to cash out commission checks from that point on.

Question: What does that mean?
Answer: It means we will consider YOU one of our Power Marketer/Brand Ambassadors and you will have the choice in how you want your DirtyBucks each month. Clothes or Check (Real Money!) your choice.

Question: How do I market this program?

Answer: Really just be the awesomely creative person you are! This makes you a Dirty South Vintage Gal or Guy an that's a big deal to us!

Looks like it's time to join!! See ya on the flip side rockstars!

We are excited about you Joining us!
Thank You for being part of our team!

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