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*PLEASE NOTE, the Shop takes about 1 to 8 weeks to complete and ship, at that time a tracking number will be sent when the order has been or being processed or left our shop. If we run a few days late in the winter or summer months please forgive us as this is a very busy time of the year for us.


Your order is still processing and we are still working hard to make your order awesome for you!

Your order has been picked and wrapped by the shipping dept and is on route to the united states postal service. Yet a tracking might have or not have been added to your order yet, but will be within 24 to 72 hours unless the order confirm came on a weekend day if so please add a bit more wiggle room. If you are worried we welcome your inquires.

Please allow the postal service website to update as this happens sometimes.Orders could take 24 to 72 hours for tracking to show movement.

Support at Facebook is limited at this time.
We are not completely comfortable with customer security in a chat program and would prefer to talk about your order details in a more private setting for your personal privacy.

*Phone Support,
Phone support is available by text message,

*Manager's Help Desk,
if you need to speak to a manager or get a faster reply please feel free to send an email to,


Please order as soon as possible!
Due to high volume orders it's best to plan ahead.


Please add us to your SAFE SENDER LIST.
Auto-emails sometimes will end up in your spam folders.
We have auto-emails for all steps and changes to your orders, you should be getting them if not look into your spam folder or they could be bouncing from your email provider.

*MYSTERY ORDERS & other Orders,
We do allow exchanges if you are not happy with your mystery item order. Please send the order back to us with your full name and address along with your order # . Please do not send orders back without a clear way for us to identify your order as we get a lot of orders this can be very confusing and delay the process for you.

Due to customer requests and our growth we will be adding much more items to the store along with a lot of vintage inspired brand new items that we feel fits in our business model and we are super excited to bring those amazing items to you!!

All refunds will have a 5.99 restocking fee deducted from the total order amount to cover shipping and handling charges on orders that where free shipping. Customers who would like to order again can request a 5.99 Gift Card towards there next purchase on the site to cover that cost because we Love you & you Rock!

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Very important!

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We are a vintage/vintage inspired store, we rock to our own drummer and run our company like rock-stars! We feel the past was super cool and its time to make a come back, along with that said our store features what we feel fits into that look and feel, it's not about age! There are no age rules at dirty south vintage! (RULES ARE UNCOOL)! We said it many times and will say it again age is just a number and fashion is ageless. We make the choice what's right for our customers and our shop just like 1985 we are rebels in fashion it's our way or the highway! We have many loyal customers who love us for this reason and we love them back! For those who do not dig our vibe or end up not into us as they say see ya on the flip side and we wish ya the best and peace to all!

Vintage is subjective & the company makes choices & opinions to what we feel works into our business model, We our not the same as other stores nor do we consider another business model in what and how we sell our items and products. We are unique and stand alone company. 2nd and 3rd time around, Pre-loved, Rehashed, Made New, Cool again! Rock-Star items!
We believe vintage is a matter of opinion not dictation..We are not like other companies and that's the point! We are us and no one else. We are not interested in being Tom, Dick or Harry and have you not had enough of them already? We believe it is new times and about time for a change. You deserve something more spicy and fun, we got that!
We could name a few website platforms who should really chill.

Brand New, unworn, made to look old, new material past theme, Rock-Star!

Random item picked for the customer by the choices they make and notes they leave us, not all our listings our mystery, every mystery listing will say if it is or not. If you just placed your order and did not leave notes on likes and dislikes just send us an email anything can be changed if the order was not sent yet. Mystery shopping is our most popular orders, our customers love it and come back for it so that's why we do it :) , if for any reason you got confused or need to make a change please contact us. We are open minded and helpful!

*Handmade Items,
The shop does currently have and do handmade items, this means we sell things that we change or modify. We take an item we think is cool or could be cool and make it super cool! This makes that item a one of a kind each and every-time!

*For example we take a pair of jeans and make them into super awesome distressed shorts or we take a pair of shorts and make them into even cooler shorts with distress or color washes and even studs! It might be a small adjustment or a large one but regardless it's all awesomeness after its all said and done!

*Do you drop ship from china?,
lol absolutely not!!! Never not ever!!! We do not sell or ship anything we can not see and hold in our hands to verify what our customers will receive. That's not the rock-star way! We feel that's cheesy and companies who do that loose a lot of quality control. Nope not going to happen here!

*Because we are so picky about inspection and quality unlike others who may drop-ship or do things in others ways to cut corners our processing and shipping time does reflect a longer process time. We are always looking for ways to make it faster without losing quality in the process.


There are many companies today that are running in the red year after year and hoping to recover at some point. Most of these same companies just end up going out of business or filing bankruptcy. Yes, that's why a lot of stores you love close down. They find themselves making so many over the top unrealistic long term expectations to there customers like same day shipping. They do this to compete and look better then all the rest, problem is on the back end the costs this takes to produce that kind of speed runs them out of money. The more they run out of money the cheaper the experience gets on every level to the customer. We run our company with the idea of high quality experience and sticking around with you for many years to come. We price our store at prices we know our competitive and keeps our business alive and rocking. The world has changed and it's time companies keep it real and evolve with it.

*Where do you source your stock from?,
You are asking for our secret sauce lol, As any company we have many suppliers, wholesalers, and middleman we deal with and we worked hard to find and research all our contacts, this was no easy task it took a lot of effort and work as anything worth anything in life you got to work hard.

*I tried to contact you about a wanelo order and had a hard time,
I do apologize for that! Right now wanelo is not set up to make live contact between there shops and customers directly. We are hopeful in the future they will add this feature for better communications.

*Did you start your business rich or with a lot of backing like most companies?

*NO! This company started on a pure dream and love for fashion from the ground up by one woman who wanted more for her self in life and has grown from ground Zero. As her team grows and the company gets larger she is always looking for what she can do better for her customers and the desire to spoil them with her fashion sense and love for the good ole rock in roll / grunge and hipster looks. She believes that music and fashion go together and they both drive each other as styles and trends change, revive themselves ,resurface and evolve.

*We are excited about your order!!! Our company strives to make you happy if we at any point did not keep your experience a great one please feel free to drop us a note or letter so we may talk with you about that so we have a chance to turn your order around!

*In the event our company is a bit to new age and forward thinking for your taste we respect that and wish you all the best in finding what works best or better for you! We have no interest in being the same as all the rest, we lead with our personality and love the blending Fashion & Music together! We do not just sell clothes, we our a lifestyle choice!

Rock On!! Kitty South & The Crew
Rebels in Fashion!

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