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*We have a great exchange program for you, we understand that shopping Online is fun yet sometimes not everything will be the product that works for you, because of this we offer you the ability to Return and Exchange. We will send you back something you love!!! 

* Please make sure to follow the steps and read everything.



We DO NOT pay for you to return the item to us!

We DO NOT send a credit for the postage you paid to return.

We DO NOT accept orders send back to us with unpaid postage.



We will ship your exchange back to you and the shop will cover that cost.


Your Best Shipping Service will be the Post Office (Best Price) .

Always try to go first class or standard unless faster service is the same price.

No need to overpay to send your return to us.


*Return statement or order form to be enclosed in return.

Due to orders being returned without enough details to locate the customer in an efficient time frame we ask that all returns at bare min have a letter enclosed with there,

Full name,

Full shipping address,

Email address,

Phone Number,

Reason for return.




-Please don't neglect to read everything.


* Please Enclose & Mail to,

Return/Exchange Dept.
P.O. Box 709
407 Cornelia Plaza Drive.
Cornelia, Ga 30531



When your order gets to this location it has not yet been returned to the shop. We must pick up our packages up first and bring the returns back to the store for our team to give to the returns dept however your return date will be the date you paid the post office to return the item. No Worries!


*For Refunds - You must send the item or items back to us first, after we get them back in the shop we will refund for the cost of the items only not the original Shipping & Handling costs. Item must be returned within 7 days for a refund. After that date we can only do an exchange or in-store credit.

*Exchanges - Must be returned within 10 days. Anything after that date will be an in-store credit only.

*Free Shipping - Orders placed on free shipping will be subject to a 5.99 restocking fee on refunds only not exchanges. We encourage you to get an exchange.


We are excited to announce our newest service to our customers due to research from our customers and online shopping in general we have found a way to making your shopping experience better then ever! DSV Insurance will protect you from any problems with your orders like returns, refunds, exchanges. This is an option you must pick at checkout. DSV Insurance holders will  be covered on each order they pick the insurance for. How does it work? Your item is the wrong fit for you,  you decide you dislike your order, you changed your mind and so on your covered free of any additional charges. It's that simple! Tell us don't yell at us lol and will take care of the rest for you. We did this for you so we hope you love it!

READ -Customers who do not pick this service will not be covered and all normal policy terms listed on this page will apply. Orders placed before 4/9/2017 our not eligible as service was not available.


*What Happens After I send in my exchange?

Step #1. We receive your return and place it in the return/exchange Dept.

Step #2. We inform you by email that we have your return.

Step #3. Your exchange will be opened and processed in the order we receive it.

Step #4. We could email you with questions if not we will place a new order for you and send your order to the shipping Dept.

Step #5. The shipping Dept wraps up your order and sends you an email saying your order has shipped.

Step #6. 24 to 48 hours after you will receive an email with your New Tracking Number.


 For Faster Service and updates on returns & exchanges,

Please make an account here,

Click here -


NOTE: if your order was a refund After Step #3 your refund will be set to process and send an email notification. The refund will take 7 to 20 business days for your refund to credit to your account.

All orders are refunded to the same account that you used to pay with that's how our billing system is set up for customer security.



Please send all questions and concerns to Our Facebook live Support located at the link below,

Click here for our Facebook Page Live Support.

*Please be patient with customer support, they do there best to answer your questions. Support at face-book is not 24/7 at this time, we prefer to have a cozy amount of staff  in order to use our resources on keeping Quality products and Quality shipping experience.



Text support is available by phone texting, 24/7.


Please text us with your full name and shipping address along with your questions. You will receive text support from this number only from our reps.

Read more about this feature,

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Thank You!!!
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***Disclaimer : By Shopping with us you did agree to our policy's and terms***