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Our Story - Written 2015

Our Story,
     Who are we really?? Good Question, and I'm going to tell you!!
Before DirtySouthVintage was created, we were just a couple who got married after only 5 months of dating! The first night I saw my husband I was in love. I knew this was the man of my dreams that I had waited for. They say when you know you know. So, when he asked me to marry him, I thought,  "It’s about time." :)

     After we got married, we carried on in a family business. for a while and was advancing are lives that way, but I got let’s say bored, I was the office manager/assistant and I wanted something for myself to be proud of. I have always loved clothes and had an off style about me that was different than other people as one day I can dress very vintage then very heavy metal then to punk rock and the next day a bit Gothic and then I can even take on this very dressy conservative look. Let’s be honest I like it funky and wild the best and I like to change it up and mix and match in ways other people have to look at my clothes many times ) that's ok I feel great about my looks and don't be shocked when I have pink streaks in my hair!!

For me I stand by fashion is fun! Whatever look or looks make you feel good or fun inside then I agree with that look!!

I am a heavy metal rocker at heart and always have been! If it’s too loud you are to old lol so TURN IT UP!!

Style to me is not about age, style is about living your life and self-expression with clothes. So stand up and be who you want to be and put down any book or magazine who tell you what you must be dressing like and reject not living your fashionable side to the fullest!! Fashion is for all and girls just want to have fun!!

How we started this business?
I just had an idea I could and I went for it. I followed a lot of steps I saw and read a lot about how to run my business along with watching as much Shark Tank As I can and thinking Daymond John & all the sharks are so awesome and I started at step 1.

Shark Tank has been a major inspiration to me and i believe in the American dream.

Are Growth in a short amount of time was unexpected but we are truly excited about it! My husband had to quit his job and work for me full time, now we are both side by side partners together running a very fast growing company together. We have totality put everything else aside in our lives right now to baby this company and take it to each new level. Each month we are shocked at the new growth yet very excited!!


What’s next?
Our own fashion line, we are working right know to expand into our own clothing line and we are super excited about that!! Our Clothing is going to ROCK! We also will be keeping it affordable for all to shop! That's so important to me because I want everyone to be able to wear are brand!

What will our Brand Feature?,

Good Question! I will be personally along with my business partner be designing an amazing portfolio of the coolest of the cool clothing! Flannels,Sweaters,Jeans, Shorts, Jackets,Vests & My special Line of Super Cool Super Rock-Star Minded Purses! I am so excited to take this amazing journey with you!! I just know your going to love it with me! So if you need fashion help on what's cool just follow me kitty every step of the way because my crew and I will show you what it means to be the cool popular crowd!

Your going to ROCK IT!!

We look forward to our growth with you! We have a lot of awesome things coming around the corner each and every day!! Don't miss anything!! Please make sure you bookmark the site!!


The beginning,
Let's face it we are not shy of growing pains as they call it, we have grown with our company as the company really is the boss of us now :) , we have had to learn from the company's growth each and every day the best ways to Handel things or get things done better or faster. In those growing pains we have had some here and there negative inferences try to break our spirit and be less then supportive or understanding but we truly just refuse to stay engaged with those types of energy's and simply reject and move forward.

We run our company by our own rules and standards only. Those rules and standards are made up by the two owning partners.

We stand by our business model, we are proud of our company and we will continue to grow.


I hope you enjoyed our amazing story and continue to stand by us!


Getting So Popular,
Due to being extreme popularity we are running a bit over that 10 to 14 days business mark for shipping. However we are working on expanding our crew to make things run faster and excited about are new crew members!!

Our shipping might be slower then amazon but it’s so worth it!!
We love ya!! Contact us if you need any help!!

Thank You!

Kitty -☠

Located in The United States.

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