Mystery Band Rock Tee Shirts , All Styles & Sizes.

Band Rock Tee Shirts
vintage rock bands
Rock band tee shirts.
Mystery Band Rock Tee Shirts , All Styles & Sizes.
Mystery Band Rock Tee Shirts , All Styles & Sizes.
Mystery Band Rock Tee Shirts , All Styles & Sizes.
Mystery Band Rock Tee Shirts , All Styles & Sizes.
Mystery Band Rock Tee Shirts , All Styles & Sizes.
1985 Rock Band Shirts
Mystery Band Rock Tee Shirts , All Styles & Sizes.
$ 14.99

You Get,

1 Random Mystery Band Tee Shirt per order.

Vintage & Vintage-Inspired Band Tee's are the hottest fashion around! We have a large selection of the hottest band shirts online! If you are ready to get your inner Rock-Star on then this is the right store for you. DirtySouthVintage.Com is all about rocking it out with the coolest 70's 80's 90's and Today's Hipster/Grunge clothing!

Because Rock-Starts Wear Vintage and so do we!!

✿BAND TEE NOTES - Band tee shirts are hard to get and find, because of this we can not guarantee any certain band, however, we will try hard to give you the best band tee we can:).

✿Older Band tee Shirts could have a little bit of wear on them due to age yet that's the charm to most.

✿Style , Pattern, Color,

A Mix. Any Awesome band Shirt. You can leave me notes and i will match your band tee to what you prefer and will feel super Rock-Star wearing!

✿Quality & Condition✿ Average or Above Band Tee Shirts.

✿Our inspection, we inspect, buy and ship out everything!! We are over the top about quality.

✿What is a Vintage Band Tee?,

Vintage Band Tee shirts in OUR store are Vintage/2nd time around. We are into old school fashion and style however age is not a factor in our choices the coolness factor is and our opinions and tastes could be different then yours. We do have a great exchange program for when this happens.

✿RETURNS & EXCHANGES, Dirty South Vintage does do returns or exchanges if you are not happy with your order of Hipster Band Shirts, we understand this happens when shopping online.

✿LOST IN THE MAIL, If my tracking does not show your Mystery Hipster Band Shirts was left at your home and you tell me your order never came don't worry I will send out a new Mystery Band Order ASAP :) Rock on!

✞Dirty✞South✞Vintage takes full responsibility for your orders! Shop with us and never worry about lost orders OR LOST MONEY!

✿Claim Your Mystery Hipster/Grunge Band Shirts And order now!!!


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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Service Comes First At Dirty✬South✬Vintage

This listing is for Mystery Band shirts meant for unisex man or woman who has a vintage hipster minded attitude. You love to look cool and trendy, you turn heads and people stop to check out what your wearing and think how can I get that too!! You make grunge and hipster styles look cool because you are cool! You love the 70's 80's and 90's because you have great taste for fine vintage clothes that always makes its way back in style. You live and love Fashion and it loves you back! Your Awesome and you know it!

(¯`·._.•(¯`·._.•(¯`·._.•(¯`·._.• Dirty✬South✬Vintage •._.·´¯)•._.·´¯)•._.·´¯)•._.·´¯)
✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ Has everything you need to keep that image up! ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

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