What's NEW & SEXY for this spring/summer fashion season???💜

What's NEW & SEXY for this spring/summer fashion season???
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That's a really good question! We were excited to see who the winner was and who it continues to be. I bet from just looking around at what's being put on the spring fashion shelves you already have a really great idea! Or maybe it's already your personal favorite. So what's the most of all sexy and hot trends from 2018 to 2019??? The drumroll, please!!


And the winner is???


DENIM! and more denim!
That's right denim seems to be holding it's trending style like a champ!


Are you shocked? Not us!! Why the heck not, it's super cute and super sexy!!


Denim is really SEXY!
Yes, it's hard to deny how good denim wears on our unique body types. No matter young or older denim makes an amazing statement!


People who wear denim,
Just seem to have the look of cool about them! Denim just makes you look twice and maybe three times! Chill people wear denim it's a total rockstar look! What's better than being a rockstar?? From street styles like Metal, Rock, Hip-hop, Rap to dance and techno denim fits right into all these rad looks! Denim is crazy Versatile!


Denim is an endless possibility,

You can mix and match denim with its self or other materials and look awesome! Demin pretty much can come in any style of clothing item! As popular as the denim dress style became, it looks like denim shorts still win overall! As much as I personally love denim jackets and coats it's still the shorts coming out on top!

 Denim is forever!!

Let's face it denim is an American classic look! We all love denim no matter what age! Denim is hot and always in style! So make sure to keep your hauls full of denim items so you can always throw some great styled outfits together!

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-KS 💜


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