What the heck is a mystery sweater and why do people love them?

What the heck is a mystery sweater and why do people love them?
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What the heck is a mystery sweater and why do people love them?


First time I saw a mystery sweater it was on a site called Etsy. I saw many sites selling them and I was like, what's this? I started to take a deeper look at the shops selling them and reading their listings. Then I started to read their feedback's about how the customers felt. In my research, I found that These so-called mystery sweaters where very popular! Customers were buying them and a lot of them! They were selling like hotcakes! Yet, the feedback's were not perfect and some people were disappointed with there purchase, that did not seem to stop the chain of orders to those shops. New customers would order and the same customers who were not that happy with what they got would order again, just to see what comes. I watched the whole process for a few months just to see and come up with my own idea of how I felt about it. This was new to me and I was not sure.




I did find that each and every store felt they were the best and better than the others. I guess that's normal. I saw that they competed on price by undercutting each other as much as they could and still try to make a profit. The sweaters pretty much where the same kinda stock for each shop being vintage/vintage inspired. I would say they all kinda had the same wholesale bulk suppliers. The sweaters styles were mostly 80's and 90's. These sweaters being unisex (men) and females and males alike just seemed to love the idea of them! They had the wild patterns and colors that were true to that time and some people even preferred to get a solid cable kit. A really nice Fluffy cable knit sweater can be hard to find these days and pricey! These shops seemed to be able to get lucky and hunt them down.


Mystery Sweaters and why do people love them?


The only real difference between those shops would be their name and their policies. They really all seemed to be copying each other and trying to look better than their competition on the platform. I did look and find some had their own private sites where customers could leave ETSY and get more personal with some of these brands. Seemed ETSY was really just a starting point for these companies to start their business and build from there independently and for good reasons. Any growing company would want to break free of a platform at some point and run there own businesses. That's really just apart of the next step in growth.




So what I liked about the mystery sweater thing was how excited it seemed to make lots of people. The followers buying the oversized vintage sweaters seemed to love the excitement of what was coming in the mail, even at the risk, they hated it lol. They as said before would just try again or maybe get an exchange. Some would even try the others stores and see if the experience was the same or different. This was really like getting yourself a Christmas Present anytime you wanted one that you paid for, of course. Hey, that's really kinda fun! At the prices, the mystery sweaters sell for, you really can afford 1 or 2 per week or more! That's really cool! Kinda like my opinion that shopping should be fun! This was really fun! This is really fun to so many!


Unfortunately, The sellers on ETSY no longer sell mystery due to there platform rules, leaving all those customers disappointed for sure! BORING! Customers were left to find other places to get there mystery-sweaters they loved and wanted.


However, luckily, We here at Dirty South Vintage decided to continue the legacy and sell MYSTERY SWEATERS FOR YOU!! Remember these sweaters make great gifts for fall and winter for anyone! So get yourself, family AND FRIENDS A SWEATER TODAY!


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-What do you think about mystery sweaters and all the hype?

-Leave your feelings and comments, please!






~Kitty South

 FYI - Etsy is lame!


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