Vintage Kinda Life, What is it? What is it about?

Vintage Kinda Life, What is it? What is it about?
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For many people, an opinion comes into play. What one person thinks of or feels about vintage could be much different for the next. A lot of people think it must be 20 years old or more. People like me feel differently, my idea of vintage is any item that's second hand. If we were talking about furniture or a fine painting then my opinion might be more about age. For me, clothing is just not the same. My judgment is differently placed. When I walk into a thrift store or vintage store this is the image that's being shown to many of us. They are marketing themselves as just that (VINTAGE). Marketing makes a big impression on us all.
When it comes to clothing, I have kinda a who cares attitude! For me, as a female, it's all about how much I love it? Need it? Want it?  
Do you feel the same? When I see an item that I love, then I must need it! That's just how my mind works. The logical side about if my bank account needs me to spend the money takes a backseat to my eyes going, yes, that's what I have been looking for! But have I? Once in that shopping trance, I find myself lost in that question, and don't even care. It's mine and is going to buy it!




I really find it exciting! I grew hooked on going to vintage stores years ago and what I will find. I love the prices and wow, I have found some amazing things! I have no issue with the item being used at all. Anything can be washed and or dry cleaned. All these amazing items that are just slightly used or not used at all should not go to waste. I believe recycling is really healthy for the world! I like to do my part in that, by shopping this way as much as I can! To be honest, I am not a big fan of clothes snobs! Like it, Love it! Get it! Who Cares!


For me, and maybe you will agree, Flannels, Wild Sweaters & High Waist Denim Shorts! I am always on the hunt for these items! I am the girl who will buy every flannel in the store in my size! Yep, that was me!! Sorry!!


As far as High Waist shorts, I really prefer to buy jeans and make them myself. I love to create the denim in my way. Practice makes perfect right?? This is much more fun until you cut them too short and well you now have a little denim skirt lol. Cute right? I am not much of a skirt girl most of my life, but I am trying hard to open up to new things. How about those sweaters? They come in all patterns and oversized looks! The unisex (male) Sweaters seem to be the most loved and popular to us all! They just seem to be cooler! I am just not a fan of anything to close or tight about my neckline, as I feel like it does not look good on me because I am short. So I am always searching the sweater racks for a larger size that I can take one side of the sweater and pull/stretch out and make it come down on my shoulder. Once that's done, I have a super rad sweater that I love wearing day after day! I would rather have a sweater dress than a tight fitting one because it's not comfortable and cozy that way.




 It really means alot to me, for many reasons! If I shop at goodwills, I always round it up! This donates to there job programs and helping more people. So round it up! When I shop at smaller thrift stores a lot of them are donating some profits to an organization helping others or animals and I dig that! I am using my dollars to help the world be a better place, and I love that! It makes me feel good about myself and my role in life. So the clothes snobs have nothing on me lol. So to me, vintage means LOVE, KINDNESS AND CARING.




  So next time you buy that vintage, vintage-inspired or used item remember your helping make a difference in someone's life. So open up your Mind & Heart and try vintage! I promise you, after 3 months of this your going to have the best clothing you have ever had and money still in the bank :)  GO GIRLS!



~Another Kitty South Rant!

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