Vintage Inspired Fashions.

Vintage Inspired Fashions.
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Hey, thanks for checking out DSV!

So what's it all about, what does vintage inspired mean?

We believe vintage-inspired fashions mean bringing back the coolest looks from the past and making them cool and new again!

Everywhere you go there playing the best of the 80's music in so many stores, even Walmart! That for sure ups their coolness factor a bit if you ask us!

We love the 80's, from the hip-hop to the hair bands, it all rocks at DSV.

For us, we believe 1985 was the best year ever! Just our opinion.

Our mission was to explore all the best fashions from 1970's 1980's 1990's, to the coolest of the cool of today fashions! We love it all!

Let's face it, history tends to repeat itself when it comes to fashion, you hit a point when you must cycle back around and explore the past and move forward, yet again.

We think its fun! We love to play dress up! Because girls just want to have fun right ladies??

We here at DSV do not like to stick to any one way of doing things. We love to change it up and dabble in any and all times and fads!

We do not believe fashion should have any rules!

We call ourselves rebels in fashion, for a reason!

Can ya Dig it?

We hope you're ready to be a DSV Girl and drop any and all rules about fashion and start dressing like a rock-star of your own life!

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