To My Fellow Females, Bloggers, Ambassadors, Lifestyle Article enthusiast & so on. You get the point.

To My Fellow Females, Bloggers, Ambassadors, Lifestyle Article enthusiast & so on. You get the point.
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Let me start with #OMG your rocking it!

We could not be more impressed by the work you do.

While I spend my days being a #girlboss, I get lost in the position. As I have started to branch out and get interested in the work you do, I find myself going from one profile to the next going WOW!

The pictures, the videos, the work you do is past pro. The creativity that seems to come naturally and having the social ability to showcase those talents (BRAVO).

What a fantastic times we are living in when all of us can really shine and show off who we are without needing to find companies and others to help us grow our own brand!

This is a go-getter kinda world and you manage yourself!

Think about all the people from the past who did not have the social media we do,  an opportunity to build ourselves amazing lives right from our own laptops!

I think it's pretty rad and I am proud to be living in such great times.

Wanna hear a little story once upon a time about 6 months ago or so I found a really great female photographer on Facebook,  her work rocked! She was perfect for the DSV Team.

I did proceed to contact her and a few of the models she was working with to hopefully get them onboard.

Unfortunately, here came the downfall of the social media people do not always believe you are who you say you are. Bummer she ended up thinking I was someone just trying to talk with beautiful people and blocked me without saying why, but it's obvious they doubted that DSV was contacting them personally. I took that as a compliment even being disappointed, her work was really amazing!

However, that just was a learning experience in how to contact people for work and how to not.

Moving on and using platforms to contract amazing people to work with DSV and we are super excited and impressed in what we have seen so far and see how bright and beautiful the working partnership is going to be with all of you.

So I and the DSV Team want to thank you all for doing amazing artistic work! I do not believe you hear a big pretty thank you enough, but should!



Your art is well loved and respected!! So keep doing what you do and build your own personal brand with the sky's NOT the limited attitude!

Think bigger and better always and remember!!


Love it,
Kitty South & The DSV Team 


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