The life of a Female Boss.

The life of a Female Boss.
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When I first started my journey to being a female-owned business, I had high exceptions of my ability to do everything perfectly!



Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder and everyone has a different vision!


Did you watch the part of #GirlBoss on Netflix where she ran across the bridge to get the dress to the girl who pretty much said on the feedback, ok I will shop again! LOL, that's it!



Sophia Amoruso should have gotten a gold medal for that one!


So Wow, O boy was I dreaming a sugar-coated fairy tale! LOL! Yes, because I love candy so much and everything is sugar to me until it goes sour!


I had no idea what I would face and what would come every day of my life as I got more in deep to my business and the more the business owned me!


When I first started before I had my own site and was working on this other platform (NONAME those jerks lol), I believed every day would be Awesomeness!


I had perfected my craft being vintage mystery sweaters, flannels, and high waist shorts. I was even making tie-dyed shorts as well and some other cool things (jackets and vests) Rad!


I knew what I was doing and how to do it, I became a machine! I can crank out a crazy amount of high waist shorts made from jeans in only a 12 to 16-hour shift.


Yes, ladies and guys, I am a workaholic, I also really had no choice. My customers and followers are depending on me! I was a 1 woman show at the time so the only person to scold for not getting the work done was myself and since I can't fire me, shits got to get done!


I was going along in my candy land filled mind thinking this rocks, things are kicking and going great and I am getting super popular.


And then that day came! O SHIT!


There it is right there in front of me look at that and what that says!


~Dear DSV,

Buyer- Beware!


I want to let you know, I hate my order and you suck big time! My shorts where the wrong size because you have no idea what you're doing and sent me the wrong size! 1 star for you and I will never shop at your store again and I will be sure to tell all my friends you are a no good store and to never shop with you! This was my worst shopping experience ever! You're a fake! I hate you!


From- Pissed off customer!


~FYI - (This feedback was rewritten by me to show an example of what people will say and how they say it. This feedback was not copied word for word.)


Buyer Beware, YUCK! Is there a landmine in front of people?? I dislike those words so much lol.


As I stare at my screen looking at that feedback over and over reading it 500 million times, I was like really? So you have 200, 5-star reviews, 100's more customers who are happy but did not leave feedback, however, you're only stuck on this one review. I want to jump through the screen right now and scribble all over that review till no one can read this nonsense.


So I contact the customer and let her know for sure I know how to measure shorts as I have been doing this a while and had many many orders so could she please re-measure herself in the right places and we can do an exchange for her?


So long story short she thought high waist was her hips and got that part confused. I solved the problem she got the correct size being her just not understanding high waist measurements and needing our help to make her happy again. So I asked her to please update the review. So lol she updated the review to 3 yucky stars and said to me it was because of all the trouble with the order/size issue that's why it was only a 3star. Hum ok the size issue was not the shop's mistake and we did everything to fix and solve the issue but in the end, the business still takes the brunt of the annoyance for the shopping experience at all times. I earned my 5 stars but I was never going to see that from this customer :(.


My first big learning lesson with customers and feedback.


You're always at fault in their eyes. I to this day still don't understand why that is but it remains to be true to the buyer.


ok, so one bad feedback no big deal right?? Wrong the longer in business and the more customer base you have the more orders you take and larger you grow get ready for many of them! MANY MANY SO MANY LOL!! DAMN IT! NO FUN!


Bad feedback is endless my friends! You think you're going to be the one shop/store in the world that has none WRONG never going to happen.



I have done my research of all the online shops that I love and our popular and they all have pretty yucky feedback. I also recheck every week to stay updated and it's endless. I have even placed orders with them to just see what it's like to be there customer! YES, I do my homework! There really all good stores they just have different terms and store policy's that suit some people better than others. These stores are also run by humans so yes there is some errors sometimes. Come on now give the humans a break lol. I can promise you most stores goal is not to upset their customers we actually hate it!



For a good long while, this bothered me a lot. My skin was thinner then it needed to be in this business for a while. It took me so much time to adjust to less than perfect feedback. I guess what made it so hard to get used to was I was putting my heart and passion into all the orders and customers so I assumed they would feel that in their orders and that would equal 4 or 5-star feedback's but that's just not the facts in online stores.


Did you know people will leave feedback scores even when they never placed an order with you or exchanged any money? Yep! If they don't like the vibe of you or have no idea who you are they will leave you bad feedback.


I had a lady contact me telling me she did not like one of our awesome cover logo's with a guy and girl model we had up. It was denim clothing and very us/our style but it was just too sexy for her taste, so she was not our target market anyway. So thanks for the feedback but we loved it and it's who we are!


The point, Be you, Be yourself and be your own business you can't make everyone happy! You will ruin who you are and who your business is trying to be anything that you are not!



Take it with a grain of salt my gram always said!


Get over it girl! Run your business and make it awesome and don't worry so much about those things but keep focusing on all the customers and followers who love you! There out there, I get so many awesome emails and messages in our orders every day saying such nice cool things! I am thankful for those of you who let me know those great feelings you have for me and my crew! I promise I see it and I read it! I am just so busy trying to keep the ship going and I have been fighting some illness for the past few years that's been super hard on me but I want you to know I admire you as much as you admire me!


I have to remind myself everyday your out there and you let me know all the time and I must think of all of you anytime I get a bad feedback :) Cause you rock!


Well Girls and a few guys (love you guys!), I am going to wrap this up and say have a kick-ass fucking Saturday! Keep it safe and keep it real! Party hard and be your own kinda rock-star! Stay ageless, your never to old to enjoy your coolness!


P.S. To those of you who dislike my use of grammar lol you can be sure I was the cool kid in school getting an F or D in English and an A in MATH!! Go figure!



~Kitty South

I dream to be a writer and will be writing books soon!

hope you read them!



As said by Rick Springfield - Bop 'Til You Drop,




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