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The Carrie Dairies
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The Carrie Diaries is set back in 1984, about the life of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. The show starts off setting up her teenage life and who she was and why. The show sets the stage very well in getting to know Carrie, her younger version. Carrie and her sister have lost their mother to cancer, unfortunately. Their father in the story is doing an amazing job of taking the lead role in making great choices and decisions the best he can, as raising two girls ain't easy. The show proves the love of a great father goes a long way in girls upbringing.
The Carrie Dairies and sex in the city.
Set back in the 1980's, you are getting an awesome picture back into the fashions and how different, yet the same, clothing really was. The styles had a lot of colors and flash! The hairdos were very bold and tall. Carries role being played by AnnaSophia Robb was cast perfectly! The actress is amazingly beautiful and charming, all in one. Her personality is exactly what you would expect from her younger counterpart. The fashions that Carrie wears being very loud and showy, define her image, that her fans were used to in her sex and the city role.  We think Sarah Jessica Parker should be very happy with the way this show is turning out. Any sex in the city fan should be very excited to watch this Netflix Show, and get, once again, a feeling as if the original show is going to last forever!
sex in the city
Carries younger sister in the show is struggling a bit harder to find her life without her mother, and going through a rebellious stage, in order to find her way. All very normal feelings, Carrie, and her father do there best to help the sister cope with and handle her changed life. We are excited to see this character played by Stefania LaVie Owen evolve as the show continues. The sister has more of a gothic side of fashion and a darker appeal. A style loved and worn by many over the years. While Carrie almost has a princess bride look going on. Carries use of color, polka dots and stripes is hard to miss, yet somehow it suits her. Not many girls can pull off those patterns all in the same outfit. On, Carrie, it ends up looking sweet and endearing. The girls got clothing skills!
Carrie Bradshaw sex in the city fans
The show stays true to carries roots and takes place in a time of her desire to discover her passions like. to write, live in the city and Love shoes! This is Carrie Bradshaw after all, and the journey has just begun. Carrie is becoming an adult and ready to explore who she is and what she really wants. She has a bright beautiful future before her and she's ready to grab it. Carrie yet a very humble gal seems to be fearless about life as she wants and sees it. I am not sure the word no is a part of her vocabulary when it comes to life in Manhatten.
 carrie and the city!
Carrie & Sebastian Kydd
Yes, the relationship has not been her fathers first choice and the road has been a bit rocky, however, you can not deny the special feelings they have for each other. Sebastian being looked at as the bad boy sporting the leather jackets & cool jeans and wearing it well is very mistaken. This so-called bad boy just looks the part and really is a level-headed kind-hearted person who is crazy about Carrie. Lucky for him she feels the same way, and this relationship seems meant to be. We all want them together and hope it's just a matter of time. Never judge a book by its cover, after all, Carrie seems to be that girl who makes really good choices.
Carrie and the cast of friends on netflix
Carries Supporting cast of friends seem to respect and adore her. We can see why, as Carrie has a down to earth way of treating others, the way they want to be treated! She has a strong support system and her friends are staying by her side. Carries fabulous personality wins hearts for sure! After just a few episodes of watching the show, we bet you feel the same.
Carrie bradshaw
As the show continues, Carrie starts to juggle her secret life in the city as shes sure the suburban lifestyle is not for her. Shes living two different lives and keeping what's going on in the city, a hidden love affair. Just when you think her first love is Sabastian and then realize it might actually be shoes and the city. Carrie has big dreams and her Manolo Blahnik high heels will not be slowing her down.
carrie verse carrie
We are very excited to watch how this show turns out. Let's face it, we know how it ends. Carrie marries Mister Big and all our hearts are at rest, as it should be. How long did us fans wait to see them get together and stay together??? It seemed like forever. Carrie stayed in new york and had all her friends at her side. Carrie got the life she wanted and when the show ended at least us fans, could be at peace with the outcome. I was happy and everyone I know was happy. The sad part was just that it was over and we could not watch IT ANYMORE.
carrie and the shoes she wears!
So yet the end is totally clear, I am really excited to watch the beginning. I love that this show fills in the younger adolescent years and into early adulthood. I love that just when I thought it was over, Carrie came back, yet to steal all our hearts once again!
Will this be our last heartbreak with Carrie Bradshaw? Or does Carrie have a lot more planned for her fans? I guess all these questions are to be continued!
The Carrie Diaries is a must watch!
Go Binge watch on netflix!!
~Written by Kitty South
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