Shopping is a girl's best friend! By KS

Shopping is a girl's best friend! By KS
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Shopping is a girl's best friend! By KS

Once upon a time, I heard diamonds where a girl's best friend! Yet for me, it never really took! Lucky for anyone I was dating right! Nor to mention that makes valentines day a lot more economically simple if you're in my life! Also a big sorry to the jewelry companies, as I would rather buy costume jewelry and save my money for other things like, what I hang in my (BIG) closet!

Also not to mention I lose things really fast so would you really wanna give me a costly item as a gift? I think not and please don't! The stress I would be under to try and not misplace that beautiful gift makes it not worth it to me.  So go get me a big teddy bear or a gift card to my favorite store and I am all good!

I am a simple kinda girl when it comes to shopping and fashion! I want what I want right then and there and I don't want to overpay! I want many items and 1 will not do!

So picture this with me, you see this awesome store you want to walk into, so you do. You look around the store real fast, and you see many things in your eyes that fit your style and you go O yes here I come! So you walk over to a few items that you know you want and go to grab your size and of course, you glance at the price tag and your heart drops!

The tag says what, $79.99 for one top? It's just a top! So this shirt has the least amount of material needed, so that would mean everything else just gets more expensive in this store? Hum! You really want to give the store a chance, so you go look at things like hoodies, jeans and shoe prices to make sure and unfortunately, as you thought the prices only got worse.

As I look down at my hands, I realize, I have been holding things I wanted and I just stop and stare at my items and again look around the store feeling a gloom come over me.

Who shops here? What do they do for a living and how do they afford to buy more than 1 item? How often can they afford to shop here?

What do I do know, as I look really stupid with this crappy look on my face of uncertainty and confusion! The store clerk yells over can I help you find anything sweetheart? I quickly respond no babydoll, I am good, thanks! Big Wink, LOL. I add a little bit of flirting to ensure no one can tell I am about to bounce out of this store like a kitten chasing a bird!

So I do my best to act normal and place my items back down and take a few extra mins to look at shoes, my first love and make it seem like I am just not finding what I want today or not feeling the shopping vibe. I have to come across, cool of course!

I go to walk out and say to the clerk goodbye beautiful, I will be back in a few days! And I have escaped that money trap of crazily overpriced retail! Big Dodge and a weight being lifted off me that the experience is over!

I got super excited and then let down big time! I will say this, it's not the store's fault, it's just the way I live my life differently than other people, I guess. Some might agree with me and others might be like chill girl, 1 great item it better then none and my come back will be, I think not, 10 great items are way better than 1!

However, people have different ideas of great items for sure. For me, if it's cute and my eyes say YES, then it's for me.

I don't like to try things on, I just like to pick up and go. I find going in and out of dressing rooms will lessen my excitement and experience but that's just me.

To avoid some of these kinda things I have found shopping online to be a lot more fun and less awkward when you realize a store is not going to work for you. I place my size in the cart, fill it up and maybe make some changes and adjustments to make sure I like the prices I am getting or paying and I check out and wait! Very easy for me as I said I do not like trying on clothes. Plus my mirrors at home look better than the store mirrors.

I also love the not needing to drive all over the place to go to the store I love or to find new ones. I have one store I love right now that I can walk in or shop online and it's won my favorite spot! Low prices and cute stuff! I can get 10 items easy.

So if your asking yourself how come a female business fashion retail owner does not shop at her own store? Then I am going to tell you a little story about my favorite food, it's ASIAN! Yes, I love Chinese food a lot! Well, the place I go to happens to have a pizza place next door and many times I go pick up my takeout and guess where they're eating? Once, I said you don't eat the food your making? And the owner who is super awesome just shakes his head no lol.

We all no matter what we do for a living want the same thing at the end of the day, and that's an amazing experience!

Because I understand this and I want what I want! I can bring my business to you in a way, I would want it to be if I was a customer at my store, because I am a customer at someone else's store!

With that said, I price my store at prices I feel would be fair if I was buying an item and what I would be willing to pay. I have a lot of things to consider like affording staff, stock, utility bills, advertising costs, hosting, photography, returns, exchanges and so many other expenses that it takes to run a business every day and keep the lights on before the company makes any profit. I even sell some items right at cost just so you can have an item at the right price. (I LOVE YOU)

I will always do my best to give the best experience I can! You have a wonderful end of winter rockstars! Stay warm and AWESOME!

~Kitty South
That's right, I wrote that shit!


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