Ralph George Macchio AKA The Karate Kid. Wax on Wax off Danielson.

Ralph George Macchio AKA The Karate Kid. Wax on Wax off Danielson.
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 In 1984, The First Karate Kid Movie was played by Ralph Macchio, a slightly awkward kinda Teen boy who moved from New York with his mom to good ole southern California. Daniel unfortunately quickly finds himself in the position of what you might call the cooler guys who target him for bullying.You know the type, they were well dressed, had money and super cocky with too much popularity. This group of guys just happen to study karate at the Cobra Kai Dojo.

Ralph George Macchio AKA The Karate Kid. Wax on Wax off Danielson.

This puts Daniel in a less than fortunate position when he finds himself flirting with Elisabeth Shue who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of the lead bully played by William Zabka AKA Johnny. This was not going to win Daniel any points with his newfound rivals. The poor guy really had no idea what he was walking into or about to date for that matter. 

william zabka karate kid 

  As much as I feel bad for giving credit to the bully Johnny's role was played by a very attractive handsome man. After watching the karate kid for the first time, yet I felt terrible for Daniel, I found myself in love with William Zabka! I guess, I always had a thing for the bad boys. I am positive other females would agree with me. Daniel was totally the boy you would have lunch within the cafeteria and Johnny was the guy you made out with under the bleachers, till you got into an argument about why he's such a big jerk.

elisabeth shue karate kid

 Daniel, however, was willing to risk any kinda butt kicking to flirt with disaster and make ALI MILLS AKA Elisabeth Shue his girlfriend. Hey, and who could blame him right, she was a big heart-breaker back in the day and many males had her posters on their walls, even some girls. We give him credit for being so daring with this boyish face as his bullies were having fun messing it up any chance they could get. After all, why would she not like Daniel right? Even tho we think he was a bit out leagued by her, he had a cute style and sweetness about him. We all need a break from the bad boys sometimes right ladies??

 mister miyagi karate kid

Lucky for Daniel he made best friends with Mister Miyagi a karate master! Mister Miyagi lived in the apt complex Daniel moved into and was the handyman, kinda. I can't imagine what would have happened to poor little Daniel without him! The kid needed a break and actor Pat Morita AKA Mister Miyagi was going to teach him how to take his power back. One wax on wax off to the next was sure to get Daniel in fighting shape. Now get down and paint the deck it's getting late Daniel!


 Just when you think this movie was just a romance between the cool rich girl from the other side of the tracks and the underdog, you realize it's so much more. Mister Miyagi becomes Daniels real love in a father kinda way, that Daniel really needed and Mister Miyagi felt the same. The love between them as it grew became quite endearing. I believe they equality needed and found each other at the right time.

1985 movies

As the movie progressed and Daniel did get the girl even if it was for a limited time only, he also learned that it was ok to be scared as long as you control that fear. Daniel learned so much from Mister Miyagi like self-discipline and fighting is for self-defense only. He learned to become centered and calm and adapt to situations when need be. Miyagi gave Daniel the tools he needed to grow into an adult man with confidence. Something we all need going from teen to adult.

karate-kid-1984 daniel wins

In the end, Daniel ends up winning the tournament that he agreed to join in order for the bullies to leave Daniel alone while he trains him. Of course, this was Mister Miyagi's grand plan. The bullies were not allowed to beat on Daniel until the match. Daniel luckily won the match by getting the point he needed and winning the respect of everyone, even the bad boys! The crowd goes wild as the underdog wins! This was one of the best things about the 80's movies if you ask me. They were very feel-goody, no matter how bad the road got, they had a happy ending, a hopeful ending, the ending the fans needed and wanted.

1984 movies and fashion, the kiss

 In 1984, you saw a lot of men like Ralph Macchio wearing flannel shirts, pullover sweatshirts, and hoodies. Let's not forget the windbreaker jackets and please don't forget the making out!! I am sure, I saw more making out in the 80's movies than any decade ever! The never-ending kiss that never lets our hearts down!


 Daniel and Ali might only have been meant to be for a short while as many teen romances are short lived. Daniel went on to do Karate Kid 2 and Karate Kid 3 and worth watching if you have not yet. Looks like Netflix has them available. Don't deny yourself such an iconic movie series this is a must see! And if you want to get a little more Karate Kid try watching 4 and 5! Karate kid 4 starring Hilary Swank and The Karate Kid (2010) stars Will Smiths son (Jaden Smith)) and Jackie Chan!!!



1984 had some amazing soundtracks and Bananarama was one of them! The song playing in the movie called its a cruel summer was very fitting. So well this article comes to a brilliant end please enjoy the video and pay attention to the fashions!



~Written by Kitty South

Supporting the 80's, looks, styles, fashions, and movies!

 P.S. You can't forget the big hair!!!

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