The Free Promo, The Good, The Bad & The UGLY!

The Free Promo, The Good, The Bad & The UGLY!
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Free Promo Items The Good, Bad And the Ugly!!





 As my gram always said even the best intentions can fail lol!


 OK now let's backtrack, I am not saying this failed or was a bad thing, I am saying there have been some difficult conversions since lol.


 If you placed an order for one of our promo's you will experience that it's 100% free of any charge, not even shipping! That was my brilliant idea ha-ha. We did it that way because as a follower of a company that's what I would have wanted in the word FREE!


As I run this team, the DSV Team I do my best to ask what would I want? How do I like it? What do I like? Is this cute? Is this grunge? Is this hipster or rock-in-roll?


Yep, I am a woman of many questions lol. I question myself every day for my followers and customers. I might not always get it right every time but I sure try and 98% seem to feel I make really good choices :).


My team has a voice, that I respect, listen to, and consider everything said to me. I then make a choice. I make a choice that rocks our company our way and gives a vibe of who we are and how we're different than other companies.


I want to make a point to say I am not trying to be like or look like any other business out there! Yes, I find a few who are really cool here and there but we have our own thing going at Dirty South Vintage!


So back to the free promo conversation we are having, I am super excited to get your free promo's to you, all of you. As I said we got a lot more than excepted free orders maybe a lot more then another company would get because we did not charge for shipping.


Because those listings were open to just order, here is a few things that happened due to that, lol here it goes!


*Under 18 signed up.

*People thought they could ask for 500,000 lol

*People used fake emails to join many times.

*People did not read the listing and policy.

*People joined up family members (Your gram was upset!) lol

*Some people did not remember joining.

*Many did not understand why they got a confirmation email.

*Many send us emails saying I did not order anything!!!!!!

*We Suspect Fake orders & Emails.

*People, some sent us some unkind rude words we have no idea why.

*Trolls, Some flat out sent bully and harassing/threatening emails to us.


-One Troll said if you don't send my free order right now I will go online and tell everyone you're a scam (Slander) and a fake company! By the way Troll, That's illegal and it is called (Blackmail & Extortion) And, yes you can be held accountable even online if we sue you! Trolls need to do some research on their actions (FAST). 

And So On.


You get the idea right :) YIKES!


So the team starts to open the high amount of emails and is hit with WOW do you see what this says!! Let's just say somewhere shocking and upsetting, to say the least! I would like to remind everyone our staff our humans not just text they are people with feelings. These type of emails are hard to get through and even respond to.


As the team talked about all this we have come to the conclusion a lot of the very harsh and aggressive ones were from people a bit younger maybe under 18 who don't understand running a business. The way they spoke to us with such little respect leads us that way cause it's hard to believe an adult would talk like that to people.


I want to make a point to say if you want family and friends to have gifts it's best to use your own email to place that free order. Please don't scare your gram!


We ask that people under 18 do not order. As stated above there are reasons why. Ask your parents to order, please.


We understand Trolls can be at any age and we hope to keep avoiding or blocking banning and rejecting their conversations as much as we can.



*Trolls we are under no obligation to kiss your butt.


OK let's move on as for our next Promo's going forward we may have to adjust them a bit so some of these things don't happen again. I really feel sad to have to make changes to something so simply fun and nice because of the list I showed you but I need to care about the team also and how those things make them feel :( and if you don't know yet our staff ROCKS!!


Anyways, I am going to brainstorm for all of you and figure out a better way to make things fun, exciting, free or almost free, penny sales, flash sales, contest and so on!! I am also open to great ideas from my followers and will consider or try to work with your ideas that might work great. So let us know.



That, was fun, Thanks!!


  • Lori Briley: January 30, 2021

    Why does it say the shipping & handling for a free bracelet is $75? Surely that’s not accurate.

  • Tina Malbrough: November 21, 2018

    Freakin awesome

  • Tina Malbrough: November 21, 2018

    Freakin awesome

  • kathy: January 07, 2018

    I was one of those people(did not write a bad review or anything) that go upset with not seeing my free promo glasses in the also offered a different one too right? Anyway..I didn’t stop and think about this being a new business and working hard to make it work. I know you must have gotten slammed becausee this offer was all over the freebie sites. I love what your doing, and you have an awesome site..Thanks for letting us know you haven’t forgotten us…keep your head held high, and YOU GUYS ROCK!!! :)

  • Brittany A.(Founder of November 27, 2017

    Hey there DSV!! & thank u for that #RealTalk on your companies loss. I mean that with all do respect of course when I say “lose” too btw. I came across your site off Facebook & I have been selling online for 7 years and counting BY MYSELF believe it or not it’s harderr than I expected it to be when I first started my career. What I admire about this article is that you are marketing and promoting your future product deals/contests/freebies; but your “tone” & vibe in how u wrote this is very rock & roll & very REAL. I can tell what kind of business website this is especially More now after reading this and I respect the raw-heart felt truth you illustrated in your guys REAL business “fail” experience and my favorite part about this is YOU GUYS ARE STILL DOING IT!! and your doing it right for what works for your business. I LOVE THAT, when so many starting and even OG businesses will literally quit due to smaller issues & profit losses than this and u guys pulled thru, pin pointed the problem, you actually READ all those bs emails and requests and Obviously went thru each order, email, messages, comments & weeded out the fake from the genuine (NOT EASY EITHER, especially when you and I both know you more Than likely NEEDED to be doing something else) and you figured out a good solid freebie method with a VERY FAIR SHIPPING COST. I’d be HONORED if you could personally email me regarding some MUCH NEEDED (Especially for me after re-opening after a 2 year break and all of us online retail sales companies could use as many “promo sister stores” as possible) I’d really like to talk to you about some business to business opportunities that I believe you & I will profit from.. Please email me at
    FYI My site will be closed for this week, possibly only a couple days due to my Amazon stores sales, it’s just me so I can’t do all of it at once yet. Just Incase you read this and go to check it out & it’s down u don’t get confused, lol.
    Well thanks again for sharing your experience and I hope to hear from you very soon !!!
    My best regards & may your sales grow immensely!
    -Brittany A.

  • Sandra Woytek: November 19, 2017

    I am so sorry you have had to go through so much with your company. The world is not so kind I am afraid to say. I am in my late 60’s and tried to ordered some of your freebies but have never received anything ( have 3 granddaughters so thought they would enjoy what you carry). We tried to print off what we ordered and ended up with what seemed like a cataloge( we blushed alot when the pictures came off the printer). We are old so even little triangle underwear make us blush. Do you have any idea weither our freeies will come? If not do not worry just trust in the Lord for His strength and guidence in your company. God Bless you and may you prosper in His love and care. Thank you for thinking of us out here. Blessings

  • Philip Workman: November 06, 2017

    Just checking on my sunglasses. Thanks for the free stuff. You rock!?!

  • Carla: October 20, 2017

    Keep up the good work .Your company ROCKS !!!! Don’t worry about the haters you can’t please everyone .Thanks for the free stuff even though mine hasn’t made it yet . I am patient. Life is to short to worry. Love the ideas !!!

  • Victoria: August 23, 2017

    Love u guys’ promos! Love that u are so considerate of ur staff! HATE that any of y’all have to deal with BS from anybody when all ur trying to do is something super nice & thoughtful while also rockin’ it at ur jobs :( Haters will die hatin’, & as far as DSV & ur staff goes, well….“the future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!” Lol ????

  • Sherri: August 22, 2017

    DSV… You girls and staff have been nothing but amazing to your customers… I love freebies just like anyone else but to be rude and have nasty comments and/or demands for something your company did which btw cost you inventory and shipping costs for thousands and being a small start up company is ridiculous. Just remember you can’t please everyone. Some people were not born happy and nothing you say or do can change that. Love your ? idea’s on the penny sales, flash sales and contests… Maybe spin a wheel to win free stuff or % off your orders. Just an idea to add to the many you already have. Good Luck DSV !!

  • Marlena Anderson : August 21, 2017

    I love that u try so hard to be different! It truly shows that your company is a step above the rest! A great promotion would be for people to post pictures of where they use your products, that way you get your name out and connect more with us lovers of DSV. Thank you for all you do! I appreciate you all!

  • Valerie evans: August 21, 2017

    For those who did it correctly will we receive the wonderful sunglasses ?

  • Rachel May: August 20, 2017

    GIrl, I totally get it. I work for one of the largest online retailers in the world, I get you! We have some amazing customers, and then there are the bad apples. They are in every bunch. You did an amazing promo and they ruined it. I know you will think of other ideas. Thanks for keeping it real. I was just asking someone about the orders we did, and they said, here is a link, so.. here I am , and why I am late to the talk but…. You will rock. Do not let them get you down. Remember they are Ugly on the inside, and NOTHING you did made them that way. Keep Rockin!

  • barbara landry: August 20, 2017

    I would love these glasses

  • tina forster: August 20, 2017

    Thank you for the heartfelt post. Honesty and Integrity is hard to find in this world and you treating us like you know each of us personally for years make me feel special and cared about. Something else hard to come by!!
    I recently have a job starting soon after years of disability keeping me down. I will be able to finally gwt the privilege of ordering feom you soon.
    Again Thank You!
    Tina Forster

  • Christa : August 20, 2017

    Well, I (for one) think you ROCK!!!
    Carry on?

  • Lorry: August 20, 2017

    I can only imagine some of the emails that you have received. People can be SO cruel. Moving forward…I look forward to future offerings and would love to see penny sales, or almost free. I also enjoy contests, even though I have no luck at all! Hahaha Whatever you come up with will be great! Keep up the good work!

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