#nastygal ???

#nastygal ???
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Nasty Gal Founder Sophia Amoruso

 I have to admit as a woman business owner I am very sad about #nastygal. I have so many mixed feelings about her leaving her company/selling it.


Let's admit it she was amazing as far as how she took her business from nothing to being so famous. Whether people agree with her on every step she made or ways she lived her life from time to time does not dismiss what an amazing journey she took and how far she went. None of us are perfect, life is hard and sometimes we make young choices we wish we had not, but did! So we learn from them and some of us become a lot better humans for it!


I feel tears at times when I start to think about it and what she's going to do know. Heck, I understand she's going to be OK and I am waiting as patient as I can to watch her new Netflix series. She's got more going on and shes only going to move forward and I am sure her future holds a lot of cool new stuff for her to explore.


Yet I am still sad. I have been to the new site under new management and I can feel it's a new owner vibe, I can feel her absence. I guess I am affected the most because I am a female business owner/co-owner/I do all the work,(HAHA), Kidding I have a great team and I am so emotionally invested in my company it's missions, its goals, it's challenges, and hard work I just am not sure what to think right now.

I wish everyone success and good vibes and I will get over it and learn to live with the change (Bye Nastygal) :(


I want to shout out too Nasty Gal Founder Sophia Amoruso you go make the next phase of your life rock even harder GIRL! You're in my thoughts and I am excited to see all the things you do next! From one cool chick to the next!


Kitty South - Rock it like a Rock-Star!


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  • Dawn Marie Cancelosi: August 06, 2017

    I’m a 52 female, who worked very hard during the week for a small company and sang on the weekends in a Rock Band. It was an amazing time in my life, being able to fulfill two dreams…singing my heart to others at party’s in Malibu and being a colored stone buyer! Living near the beach was an incredible experience- But as we all know, for whatever reasons, expected or unexpected- Things Change! Who knows why any female business owner or one working hard for her employer would stop doing something she adores! The answer is in Her Spirit so let’s wish all the love & success one can give. We make mistakes and grow & sometimes things happen and we grow some more. Life is all about learning and then giving back to others with love and peace. And always a Song in your heart! Whatever happens, lets Rock On Together! DM

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