Moving On Up!

Moving On Up!
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Moving On Up! The Jeffersons.


Remember the Jeffersons?

"We're moving on up, to the East Side, to a deee-luxe apartment in the sky ... ." This spinoff from "All in the Family"?

Release Date:

18 January 1975.

George and Louise Jefferson a classic tv show full of struggle and achievement. The American dream was alive in their hearts and they made it happen! BRAVO!

George Jefferson had a hard edge cause he had to face the world with a bull mindset in order to make it all happen but inside he had strong morals and you always knew at the end of the day he would make good choices.

I have lived my whole life with shows like this in the back of my mind every day I live my life, I remind myself it's not easy coming from nothing and getting to something.

I was not born with any special treatment or gifts to push me ahead. I have to earn anything and everything I get and it's made me a better person I believe.

You got to fight, you got to be like George Jefferson, you have to refuse to lose at all costs.

There will be times in your life when you just have to cry and get that stress out to move forward and there is no shame in that. You walk away close a door let it all out and come back out stronger cause you got this Babe!

Right, when you feel like it could break you, You fight, You stand and you move on and you move up! But you never stop and one day take your stand on that ROOFTOP because you earned it!

Even when you have to stand alone at least you are standing tall!

So take the bulls by the horn and you go girl!

~Kitty South
That's right, I wrote that shit!


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