Keto & Me.

Keto & Me.
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Keto & Me.


Disclaimer - I am not a doctor or a nurse. I am not a healthcare professional of any kind. I am not being paid to write this article. This is 100% from my own experience right now. I am a female trying to work on a few health issues that developed and fix them. You should not start any diet or change in lifestyle due to my words. You should consult with your healthcare provider first before making a change like this. I am writing this true story about me to tell you about my experiences for entertainment purposes only. If you choose to start keto please only do so after speaking with your doctor.

 The keto diet and talking to your doctor first.

About Me,

I have a few battles to win. I have been trying to fix a few health issues for the past few years. Along with that trying to work and succeed.

My health problems seem to start with a hormone problem just out of the blue. One day I was fine and the next not. I did feel something changing about 4 months or so. I just had no idea what was going on. Over time it just progressed as I did try to seek out doctors to help solve the issue. New problems started. Now I had a hormone problem and a Gut problem. They call it leaky gut to be exact. This all leads to my tummy not using the vitamins that I was eating or taking. That caused me to have a low absorption rate of nutrients. This also leads to a tummy that now hated dairy and nuts and sometimes eggs too. When I would eat that stuff, I would feel like throwing up and my back would go into extreme pain. It was miserable since I was a girl who loved drinking Starbucks, cold blended. I knew something was wrong when I would feel burpy after every time I drank one. I ate one small pack of peanuts one day and felt like I had food posing for 2 days! It was awful.

 On keto working and feeling yuk!

Moving forward this all lead to a new issue, I am now hypothyroidism! Freaking great so what's next? Well going forward 6 months, I am now hyperthyroidism! That happened after months of taking thyroid meds. I at this point am totally fed up, as I now live with my heart fluttering all day long and anxiety from my thyroid running on overdrive. To be honest, it feels like shit. So I made the choice to stop my thyroid meds till my thyroid goes to a normal balance and stops putting that stress on my heart from being overactive. Because I am scared, I am looking out for my self. That's only natural. So before I talk about my keto experience, I wanted you to understand my starting point and where my body is at. What I am dealing with and what I am trying to make better for my self. Maybe you can relate? Or you have your own story similar to mine. A lot of us are facing some of the same issues nowadays. I totally believe just talking about it and sharing with each other can actually make us all gain our health back.


Keto Chicken Meal to get your fat. 

The start of keto for me, Transition phase.

It all starts today. I was totally ready to be done with carbs. I was tired of eating carbs, and feeling like I had to take a nap or to go to bed for hours after eating. I was sick of being bloated and retaining a lot of water on my tummy and feeling so, yuk! The bloating water would sit right in my upper gut under my ribs. I would feel uncomfortable all day and let me tell you, it's a less than sexy feeling. You just feel gross. I would take water pills so often, to try and get some of the bloating gone.

Keto, high fat and cheese.

So here we go! The diet has started and I am eating fat! Bring on the real butter & meat. The first 3 weeks, I was so hungry and wanted to eat the house. I loved eating the cheddar cheese because aged hard cheese doesn't hurt my tummy. I would place it into the microwave, melt it and eat it. That was so good!! I was cheese obsessed for weeks. I really ate a lot of it! I was also not gaining any weight! My body started to make me pee a lot and I mean a lot! I was losing all that water! I checked the scale and was losing weight now. YES, this is working.

The Keto diet, Meat and more meat wth a hint of fiber!

The Keto Flu, is it real?

 Shit! Yes! And it sucks! I went from feeling really great and hungry to sick and tired!

 They call it a detox and it's no fun! Know I feel awful, and I just want to sleep. This blows! All that bad stuff is trying to leave your body. I want to inform you if you do not drink enough water to help flush it all out, you will feel worse longer. I dislike water, so learning to love water has been a real challenge for me. I also stopped losing any weight. Weight loss stall has started! This is the time when we all feel defeated and want to give up. I, however, can't. I must see this new lifestyle out to heal my gut from all the inflammatory food I was eating.

 Salt and pepper. The keto diet you need your salts.

 Next Phase, Gaining weight and electrolytes.

 Guess what!! I just gained 5 pounds! How do you like them apples? I reject those apples and toss them in the trash! So wonderful 5 new pounds added right back to my body in my upper gut, yet once again.

What the heck is going on! At this point, I am eating less and feeling less hungry. I feel under control, and I am not doing any snacking. I am doing the keto test strips, and yes, I am in ketosis. I keep going for another week or so thinking yikes! Nothing changes, and I am feeling tired again and dizzy.

 I am starting to feel like, I live on a boat. So I realize for sure something is wrong and it's time for more research. So I start reading articles and watching youtube videos of people doing keto and fitness trainers.

 I found this really great woman who says she's 48 and looks 30 maybe. Shes on keto and super rad lean! She really seems to know what she's talking about. She lays it all out on the table and explains everything.

Keto and feeling better

#OMG thank you!!

Remember when I told you, I lost and then gained weight? Wanna know why??? Sure you do!! When you are on keto you lose all our electrolytes in your body. Remember when I told you I was peeing like a racehorse! This is what happens. I lost all my sodium, potassium and magnesium! Your body must have this stuff! You must replace what your body is losing or else!! When we do not replace these major minerals guess what your body does? That's right your body starts defending its self! Your body wants to save you!

 The steps your body takes now!

Ok with me?? Your body now starts to hold onto the water and your body puts water into your fat cells. This makes the scale look really ugly. You must get those minerals and replace what your body needs that it will not get on a keto diet. These whole fat foods you are eating like a chicken thigh or wing has no sodium. So now your body becomes desperate to get what it needs.

My Personal Easy fix.

Easy. You must salt your food. I use pink Himalayan salt. High-quality salt here matters. Then I take potassium and magnesium supplements. The real trick here is making sure you get the amount you need. Until you fix that problem the weight will stay on the scale and you will feel bloated and hold water. You can do your own research or talk with a doctor to find out what your body needs on a keto diet.

The keto diet and how are you feeling now?

So how am I feeling now?

Better for sure! I want to state at this point I am only 1.5 months in. So this is still new to me. I learned a lot fast. I see my body letting go of the water more and more. I have a harder time getting the sodium in, so I have started drinking salt waters (YUK), but important. I find the more salt I get, that I need, any bloating goes down or away. I am trying to figure out the perfect amount for my body. I read online that the body needs 4700mg, so I am trying to get that amount.

The keto diet and feeling great!!

How am I looking,

Alot better, I am more fresh again in my face. My jeans feel lose in all areas of my lower body. I am sure they are considered too big for me now. I see the slimming in my legs and muscle tone coming back. All great starts and a step in the right direction.

What about my gut?

 This is where I can tell you is a major improvement. I really think my tummy and I are going to be really great friends again.

I no longer feel inflamed and uneasy. My tummy actually is feeling pretty normal after years of not. My poor tummy is really healing!

I believe this is my path to good health again and things are moving fast in that direction.


So what's next?

 Keto for life for me! I can't fight what my gut wants, I must obey her!

 Keto Diet and getting your fiber!!

Extra notes,

Please do not forget to get your healthy fiber with the fat! Very important! Your gut can't just do fat and no fiber, this will cause you a un-healthy tummy. Please do your own research, and talk with your doctor.

So to sum this all up, keto is working, and I feel so much better. I do believe once my gut is healthy and my body uses all its vitamins my thyroid will rebound and work on its own.

Fingers crossed for me!!

if this article helps even 1 person, it was worth it to me :)

-A Kitty South (Important) Raint!


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