In A World So Cold. Just Chill

In A World So Cold. Just Chill
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 Me Myself and I. The owner of DSV

In A World So Cold (literally this November morning of the 28th.)

As I sit here at 2.30 am just getting up to work another hard long day and I must remind myself what I am grateful for.

Unfortunately, as a business owner building her baby from the ground up, it's easy to get lost in the day to day hard stuff.

Each time I wake up the first thing I think is, Where do I start today? How much can I get done and how far will I get my team? After all the hard responsibilities fall on me to fix solve and complete.

I must make many choices and decisions, even some I don't like for the team and business and I must make it very snappy. No matter what path I pick it can seem like someone is always unhappy or disappointed with the outcome, it's never a 100% win so it seems. This is what it means to be a true Girl Boss. 

Welcome to adulthood Girl!

Along with being a human, I must fight my personal battles that come along with that.

I must keep dealing with the loss of my father last January (2016) that lingers over me each and everyday day and I am still unable to accept and literally still believe he's alive and living his life somewhere like Hawaii as a hippy rocking it out.

When the tears of reality hit my over burdened eyes, I once again ask myself, what's up he's ok and nothing is wrong here, move on. I am not ready yet, he has not seen my success. I must lie to myself on this issue. Father keep watching.

I must deal with and try to fix health issues that popped up a few years ago and have taken longer to balance then I had hoped. Yet I seem to be on the road to recovery growing my empire at the same time has been an amazing challenge this girl fights as hard as she can.

I got a letter from a reader on my blog when I first looked at my computer this morning and felt inspired to write! The writer reminded me of things I was grateful for and not to allow myself to get so wrapped up in work that I forget to engage and write my blogs for you!

As one day my books will follow and my connections with you are super important to me. You all remind me every day that I am not alone!

So what am I grateful for in a world so cold?

*Shopify, where dreams come true for those who seek it.
*My bestie and business partner.
*Rock in Roll & Octane for bringing it!
*RockStars! for rocking my whole life.
*My Favortive DJ Jose Mangin for being real!
*Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandra) inspires me & touches my heart with his words and passion for the lyrics & music.
*Daymond John for everything he has done in his business life.
*Sophia Amoruso for being a true girl boss. You Rock Me, Girl!
*Sharktank, For helping people achieve.
*Netflix & Hulu for great shows to occupy the mind.
*Lattes, A must have!
*Treadmills, keep me in shape and distressed.
*Haters, You keep me on my toes.

*Curse words, Sometimes you just got to say F***K!
*Grammarly for proofreading me! A Must.
*Me Myself and I for my unbreakable backbone.
*Cats, best animals in the world! lol
And last but not least my blog readers, customers, followers and people who are rooting for me and DSV that I have yet to meet.

I am grateful to you America! Thank You!

So in a world so cold sometimes you just got to chill and remember there is good stuff here just look all around you, open your eyes cause I see a beautiful world full of possibilities in front of me! I wish you the same and will even be your cheerleader, I have faith in you!

Gals Guys Rock the Fuck On!

~Kitty South
That's right, I wrote that shit!

P.S. I am not a pro selfie taker! Chalk that up to one of my flaws :)


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