Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Alex! #OMG

Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Alex! #OMG
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grey's anatomy meredith and alex! #OMG


Season 14!! Let's Go you Two!!


So if you love greys as much as I do and most of the world does! Are you asking the question yet? The real question is how long have you been asking the question? Well if you're anything like me I have been asking ever since Derik has been gone! That was a let down enough right????? WEll, I guess sometimes a guys gotta go do him and do something else but we don't have to like it!


So when it's going to happen? I know deep down in my heart of hearts it's coming! The question is when is the audience primed and ready to go? When do we want it so bad we can't wait anymore?


Here is what I think, I believe they're going to set it up it up so both are back in relationships or somewhat involved so it can be nice and messy.

Let's face it this is major epic shit!! Meredith and Alex are from season 1 episode 1! Wow, 14 years so far.


They have been the best of friends and that friendship has only gotten stronger and they can't live without each other. They love each other so much that they don't see it yet.


So when do they see it?? I believe first the jealousy part needs to kick in. Then add in an unexpected I just kissed you. BOOM!


Once they get that passion part started for at least one of them to start fighting for the other that's when it begins.


As much as I love Joe I do not see it being long term.
I am wondering how many of you want this as bad as I do?
Would you vote for Alex and Meredith to be together?
Or do you disagree with me?
Leave your posts on the blog! I have to hear what you all have to say!
Let's go ladies start typing!

Meredith and Alex!
Meredith and Alex!
Meredith and Alex!

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  • jax: October 07, 2017

    Personally I think they are in love with each other and know it. They just don’t what to risk losing the friendship by making a move. The way they are together it’s like they are already together just minus the kissing. Lol my vote is just get it on already!!!

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