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The best thing in life is free shipping!! What's better?? Nothing if you ask us!! Who does not 💖 love to fill there cart up with all the best clothes and then hit the checkout to find out there are no more charges! I am a big fan myself!!


Unfortunately, 🚚shipping prices just keep going up, nothing is cheap to ship anymore. Every new year the prices edge up a bit more leaving us all frustrated with the cost to ship something. Yet the popularity of shopping online continues to 🙭skyrocket.


 If you ask me shopping online is just too easy and FUN!! All you have to know is your size and you're golden! So you hop onto a few of your favorite stores like DirtySouthVintage or Rue21 and you start going nuts about all the new styles just 👗 added!! Or maybe you do a google search and find some new stores. I love how there is something new each and every week to dream about buying! I love fashion so much!


So what's a girl to do? SHOP 👠 silly!! Us girls love to shop till we drop! I am crazy about fashion just like any other girl! I really love shoes and more shoes!! So when I can fill up my shopping cart and get my order with free shipping, OMG that makes me so happy!! It's an easy buy for sure! I do not even think about it. I worry so much that next week the free shipping will be gone, so I make sure to order fast if I want the deal.


I find it so exciting to wait for that order in the 📬 mail. I can't wait to just open the bag or box! I really love the 📦 unboxing! I just love looking at my new fresh clothes and how they feel and smell! What about you? That's better than Christmas for me because I picked out what I love! Let's face it, as in adult people just don't gift you like they used to. That makes me sad so, I gift myself!! Hey, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? No shame in you spoiling yourself for how hard you work to keep your life on track! Being an adult is hard work right???

Us gals are Students, Daughters, Mothers, Friends, Lovers, Employees, Bosses, CEO's, Caregivers just to name a few!! Our plates are full! 👸


 YEP!! And we deserve to treat 🍸 ourselves along the way! The free shipping really helps add fuel to our budgets and allows us to buy a little more!! I Always buy at least 1 or 2 more items when I get a free ship!

 So right now the whole site is on FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!

No -Discount Code needed-!!

 RUSH and go get yourself something nice!!


P.S. We welcome your Comments and Questions! :)


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