Fight Fires Like a Girl!

Fight Fires Like a Girl!
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*In 2016 the owners we were devastated by a fire that took their home and business, it burned it all to the ground. The owners were left with there truck, the clothes on their backs and that was literally it. 

Left Homeless and everything went up in flames, life as they knew it was starting from the ground up and at complete 0.

DSV took a real kick down, after starting off super fast and hitting the ground running. The company was stepped back and forced to fight to restart and regrow. Efforts and achievements were lost and hearts were broken.

The recovery has been hard and taken time to run smoothly again. All business stock invested in was gone and this caused a roadblock and backed orders up past our normal turn times.

The Girl with her dream never gave up and has continued to fight to keep DSV alive, restart, renew and go forward. DSV will live on and get to that sweet spot, yet set back a bit. The girl will never let the dream be lost. At the worst moment in her life when most would have given up, she refused to quit. I refused to Quit.

DSV is not just a company, it's a true story of a woman who had nothing left to lose and continues to fight to prove to herself a girl can be anything and do anything she sets her heart to.

DSV is restructuring, reorganizing and coming back better than ever.

The day I woke up in my bed to my house burning down from under my bed on the lower level was the day my old life ended and my new life began. AS scary as that was I survived and refused to fail. The fire taught me how to stand back up and fight like a girl!

I am not looking for your sympathy but an understanding of what we are and who we are and why. The road has been rocky for me and challenging with unexpected problems and issues to solve and roadblocks to get past.

But if you take anything from my story take this to heart DSV is me and DSV is everything and in many years to come DSV will be a girls success story that I promise to you all. And in that process, If can inspire just a few of you to fight your own good fight and invest in your own dreams then I have given back to a good cause.

DSV is not free of mistakes and imperfection yet those things have been amazing learning experiences and some experiences forced on me in a harsh way however fruitful in all I have learned in a short period of time. Yet there have been people who do not believe in me and or did not understand what it's taken for me to just get this far, I say to them just wait watch cause good stuff is coming.

My father died in 2017 before seeing my success and that will always be a sore spot for me. After the fire happened he was one of the first people to say you did not shut down? Are you still running the business? Yes, your homeless Daughter who had to spend time living in someone's living room and then in another person's basement is still running DSV!

I looked at him with confusion in my eyes and said I have come too far if I give up now DSV just ends right there and I lose everything I have worked for. DSV is all I have, its who I am it can't end. Both my mom and my dad gave me the same face as if I had two heads. That look brought on hurt feelings inside as if they had no faith in me as a woman. But the real faith I needed was my own.

My point is people do not always see what you see, your vision, your desires, your dreams and that's ok you push forward anyway just like I did and I am because you can do anything when you refuse to fail. People will hurt your feelings and terrible things will happen to you in life you have no control over but as long as you are alive and you can stand and walk forward, the sky's the limit. Think Big!


I am AKA -Kitty South and that's just one of my stories.


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