FeedBack is it really the whole truth or old news!

FeedBack is it really the whole truth or old news!
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We have yet to find a great company with a perfect 5-star feedback. Even worse, in our research, we have found that some of the best and long-standing companies have the worst and highest amount of bad or negative feedback. One thing we have learned is a happy customer goes about there day as everything is roses and they are not worrying much about leaving that feedback. So let's say a business has a 95% happy customer rate yet truth be told the feedback's do not reflect that. That same company seems to have almost nothing but bad feedback as an unhappy customer will always make there voice heard in order to get the support they feel they are not getting so that means your seeing the 5% opinion only.


We also found that competitors who are not happy your business model is doing well will leave negative feedback's as there a customer also. YES, this happens. We found even more, that people that have never bought from you will also leave feedback and a lot our negative and there being critical kinda like a troll ok yes there a TROLL lol. Please Don't feed them!


We also wanted to note that many companies go and help each and every one of those customers resolve their feedback issues yet the feedback is not updated to reflect that the customer's problem has been resolved. Further keeping that feedback score low when it really should be a lot higher as the customer no longer has those issues or problems with the company.


For example, Jane did not get her order from us last year it was lost in the mail Jane was upset so we refunded Jane and gave her a gift card to get something nice from us on the house. Jane is a longstanding customer with us yet that first feedback never got changed or updated it's just online and it's no longer valid.


For every few hundred customers orders your going to get 1 or 2 customers who do not like their order. If you think about the odds and stats this is a very low amount of unhappy people but for a fast growing or long-standing store, it can look as if it's a whole lot of a hot mess lol.


We try and tell people every company has bad feedback as much as you want to make everyone happy and you try your best to opinions vary and some will not dig you! That's our take and research on feedback hope that puts things into perspective and calms any worries when shopping online.


Our feelings on making the feedback system work again and tell customers the real, the whole truth? Feedback websites should send requests for updates from customers who left negative feedback's and be asked to update the status of that feedback claim. This would help stop customers from being scared by inaccurate feedback systems.


P.S. Most companies want to make you happy!

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  • Dawn Marie Cancelosi: September 01, 2017
    Wow! I was talking with my gal pals yesterday when they came for a visit and we talked about this Very subject! We were swapping new Great stores online and some beautiful catalogs to order- when I asked if Any of them ever left positive feedback for their Fav Store… the answer was a unanimous big yucky No! I personally was shocked. Seriously everyone! If you love a store, are a return buyer (day after month after year!) and you never leave a Note of Thx or ‘Love It’ -Then, you are part of the problem of our Wonderful Unique stores failing and lost forever): No! No! No! It’s hard enough for a woman business owner to keep up with the giant cookie cutter stores out there! Blah! One, just One lousy bad feedback can speak as if it has the power of 20 bad reviews! People won’t read the good stuff…like watching the horrible news on TV! Nobody watches the happy stuff but will grab the BS gossip magazine! I was telling my friends that if they really did enjoy their store and told people verbally, they should try & leave a quick comment and spread the love because it is So Very important! Especially when you have haters who never bought a thing and leave mean things to say! Another Troll to aggravate the Rock right out of your Roll! Just cruel! But seriously Ya’ all, if you want your beloved store to Stay in business,send encouragement their way by leaving good feedback!

    BTW Dirty South IS an Outstanding Company of quality merchandise with People that actually Care If you are happy with your purchase! Plus you have the added bonus of joining a group of very kind and fun loving Souls who want you to enjoy life’s road along with them! Come join their contagious Spirit of Joy and Rock n’ Roll at Any Age!
    Wishing you All the Best, As always – Peace, Dawn Marie

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