Being Professional Verse keeping it REAL.

Being Professional Verse keeping it REAL.
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 During this Beautiful Holiday Season, as I am feeling cheery yet there is always going to be someone who has something to say about you, in this case, my crew & I.

Hello mister scrooge, what up? I have been waiting for you and today is our day!


Did I forget to leave cookies out? My Bad!

As I wake up to get my coffee and look at the site's database, I see some new posts left for me personally (KS). Looks like it's time to get my coffee and get my morning rock on, while I sit down and write for you on this beautifully cold morning. As I start my day with Asking Alexandria (Danny Worsnop), his words rush through me, it's time to get my rock star on! I am feeling spunky.

First I want to say thank you for all the posters because without you I might not get inspired as much as I need to and trust me I get so lost in my business that it's easy to forget my second love and that's writing and making a personal connection with you all!!

Even the more critical posts give me valuable reasons to say hello folks and touch base! So What's rocking? Seems I have a few critics this week. How fun!

Let's Agree to Disagree, because this is my journey and I am moving on.

My question to you all today is what does the word professional mean to you? Let me admit I do not love this word! I feel this word is used to throw around at others when you do not like the way they speak or talk in a setting you feel things should be going only the way you feel they should be! Let's remind ourselves that it's about to be 2018 and times a changing!

No crybabies allowed!  Only the cool permitted here!

Once upon a time in a land not so far away it was 1950, Hey wake up you have landed in dec 2017 and the millennials rule now! lol just joking, maybe:).

 So let's move on and I must say that I am done with the word professional it's overdone, outplayed and outdated.


Professional is a 2-way street, not 1 direction.

As my gram always said treat others as you want to be treated and those are the words I live by! I shall treat you with respect and please do the same back! Easy peasy!

I keep it real with you and you keep it real with me! Our company is not stuffy and uptight. We are modern cool and sleek! We welcome all of you who dig that and are actually relieved to see a must needed change! Fashion is meant to be fun and it's time it get back to that!


Drop Your business clothes on the floor, it's done!

I want you all to break free from the normal and let go! Be the person you should be and let go of all your insecurities and old school rules and free yourself.

No labels needed or wanted.

As far as business goes my team & I respect everyone they come in contact with however you can not fit any of us into any little box because this crew is way too unique and awesome to be held back and held down by any one word in the dictionary.

If my staff at anytime upsets you then I apologize. Please remember I do not employ robots and none of us are perfect and imperfection is beautiful!

Goodbye to the boring and hello happy days!

2018 Let's Start A NEW!

SHOUT OUT TO - Sophia Amoruso, Daymond John, Danny Worsnop - MFC



~Kitty South

it's almost been a year father. :(

Making Ole School new again and a lot cooler!

That's right, I wrote that shit, lol!


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