Adaptability is the key to the kingdom.

Adaptability is the key to the kingdom.
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Kitty South of DSVHave you ever asked yourself what it takes to be a boss? What does it take to run your own business? Do you have the key skills to be a true leader in your own life? Do you really understand the depth of leading a team?

All really good questions right, ones we ask ourselves when we are considering taking a risk on ourselves and start a mission to achieve our dreams. Plus many more questions, I probably left out.

I find a lot of people stop right at the point of they have no money and can't access any, that seems to be the biggest roadblock that makes a smart person stop right there.

For me, money is more about creativity and finding ways to get to your goals without that large balance in your bank account.

One thing I learned from experience is throwing money at everything will teach you nothing! This will also leave you broke as a joke and that's a really bad idea!

Think baby steps or even smaller if you need to, remember the turtle still made it to the finish line regardless and WON!

The roadblocks might seem too big or too tall at first but when you think with creativity you find many ways to go around or slip under any barriers.

When I started my journey as a business owner, it was not easy, it was downright difficult and hard. I have been met with many challenges and obstacles to figure out and solve. In the process, I am trying to maintain a personal life also, full of obstacles right down to health issues and the many things people have to deal with in their lives.

Truth be told, many things personal have had to take a backseat to a business. Something just had to give and my business won the attention.

I am not the most popular person with friends and family at this time in my life. I just do not have the time to dedicate to anything other than nurturing my business. Hey, that's ok this is the choice I made for myself and what I wanted for me and my future.

Moving forward I have learned so many things in business that I would have had no idea if I had not taken the risk to run one. I have learned everything the hard way, by doing.

A doer Does! Don't fear little mistakes along the path.

In my experiences, I have learned that many people I come in contact with in business or personal have there own ideas and opinions of how I should be or run my day to day activities. Most or none doing what I do or running a business like mine or on the same paths and goals I am on.

Bullshit Walks.

I must say that until you walk each and everyday day into the business shoes of a business like mine you really would have a hard time understanding and seeing each and every daily challenges that come your way. Every day is a new day and none the same as yesterday.

You face many new obstacles each day, each week and each month, it's ever changing! If consistency is what you need or crave this lifestyle or understanding of the many needs a business has could be alarming to your inner self.

You will need to step outside that BOX!

What I have learned from my real business world experience is adaptability is the true key.

A classroom does not cut it, real business experience needed!

If you can adapt to every day being everchanging and different then the days before then you will do well as a business owner or at least learn by experience and time in that will mold you into a great business owner!

I have learned again so much and one good lesson is to learn to smile and take things with a grain of salt as my gram used to say. There will be so many opinions that others will throw out at you nice and not so nice and the best thing you can do is keep the class about yourself, smile and keep moving forward. Allways ask yourself are they running your business or life and how many of them would be willing to give it all up the way you have or the way your willing to. So Smile and pat yourself on the back.

Business is a lifestyle, Not a 9-5!

So if your thinking about going into your own business remember mistakes will happen, changes will be on the table, day to day will be hard and get harder. People will talk about you good or bad. You will work 24/7 because your business is a lifestyle, not a 9to5. You will learn things that work and things that don't. And sometimes you will want to pull your hair out and scream but that's just all normal.

So let the stress out and get back to business!

Adaptability is the key to the kingdom in business town! So expect that any consistency you have is that things will keep changing and never stay the same. How you handle the changes and lack of consistency will be your best skill set!



~Kitty South

I am not unprofessional, I just keep it real!

Will Smith agrees with me :)


  • Kitty South: February 03, 2018

    Thanks, Ben! I understand what you’re saying all too well and if I was you I would go ahead with that book! I sure plan to :)

    Many books hopefully :)

    I love writing and sharing my life with people.


  • Ben C: January 25, 2018

    Very well said. I owned and operated a used car dealership for 5 years up until recently and I can totally relate to this article. I always said that at the very beginning I should have started a journal and turned it into a book to publish, because some of the things that happened were so amazing…. It felt like my life was a movie for five years. I miss it so much.

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