Quality Verse NOT!!!

Quality Verse NOT!!!
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Quality Verse NOT!!!

As a company starting there own clothing line and being very excited about it, we find ourselves walking into stores looking at what's on the market today right now and going hum?

We find ourselves doing a lot of touching the material and going Hum? We wonder who else is doing the same and if you are feeling what we do?

We want your feedback so here is what we feel and our research is telling us. QUALITY IS GONE! WHERE DID IT GO?

We found that many items of clothing were super thin almost like paper thin to us and did not feel very welcoming or something we would want to purchase.

With our line we are big on not following the norm, we want and will only accept quality items, after all, we will be placing our name on that clothing and we feel very strongly about that!


Do you agree with us and feel the same way? We want your feedback!!


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