Shout Out To Prince!!! An Amazing Man!

Shout Out To Prince!!! An Amazing Man!
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As I sit here thinking about the news that prince is gone it's with a heavy heart. Each day that goes by I say to myself it can’t be true! If you feel the way I do you then understand what an amazing American icon that he truly was. Prince was not just an artist or just a singer he was an extremely unique human being. I cannot remember in history any one other person who was like him; he was one of a kind.

I wanted to say my respects and say goodbye, Prince your loss to the world is major, we loved you we still love you. You will never be forgotten, you will never be replaced.

Prince whatever your next journey holds for you along the way we hope it’s as beautiful as your first one on this earth. The world will never forget you and it was a better place with you!

Thank you for what you gave to us while you were here!! You sure touched my heart and added to my life through the years.

You will always rock on!! Wish you the best in the next phase in the universe.

Much Love,

-Kitty South- 


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